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Plankton's Guitarsake by Patrick Plankton Donnelly

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Reviewed on 23rd June 2011.


Plankton's Guitarsake

By Patrick Plankton Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly's 'Plankton's Guitarsake' is quite literally the oddest album I have ever had to review. No amount of listens to the 9 tracks listed as its contents can answer the question "Is this album serious, or a bad joke?"

The only conclusion I can come to is that this 32 minute experimental album (and as far as I can tell, a solo project) IS serious, but as such, has some serious personality issues.

An instrumental venture - 'Plankton's Guitarsake' is at best, self-indulgent guitar solos, comprising of the kind of riffs that the guitarist in your band plays when he is tuning up on stage and can see girls at the bar.

At worst it's a confused schizophrenic collection of noises that lurch from 3 and half minute non- entities to effect-ridden bombasts that beg to go somewhere in their 5 minute lives, but are tragically denied any dynamism for the "Sake" of over-elaborate guitar twiddling.

Too many of the songs on this album are the guitar equivalent of Maria Carey's vocal gymnastics. A fine demonstration of competency on an electric guitar but as far as 'songs' go this talent is wasted.

I truly hope I have missed the point with this collection of tunes. For the sake of his music, I hope Plankton knows what it is.



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