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We Should Just Run Away by Mojo Fury

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Reviewed on 29th June 2011.


We Should Just Run Away

By Mojo Fury

Northern-Irish alt-rock quartet Mojo Fury have released "We Should Just Run Away" as a third single from their debut album "Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus". The single much like the album shows much promise for the band. Mojo Fury are a melting-pot of rock genres. They have clear influences of Grunge and Hardcore with prime-cuttings of modern-day arena-rock. This track is a good example of them mixing styles to make their own mark on the musical map.

The single begins with a beaming techno-waterfall and sleigh-bell droplets. This is interrupted by ground-shaking bass guitar and bass drum. A steady-warping shapes up into a delicious bass riff. The lead-singer Michael Mormecha isn't afraid to hide his strong accent which is definitely more of a help than a hindrance. The chorus is slowly constructed out of a synthesizer foundation, an almighty kick of snare and a whole host of backing vocals. Leeching off the back of the chorus is an intermittent guitar-solo slither.

As the lead elongates the words "We should just run away" the track begins to tap into your head. When the stormy chorus is reduced to vocals and the occasional stroke of guitar the lead's voice becomes breathy and dreamy. The backing vocals provided by James Lyttle really add to the gloomy atmosphere as a guitar fades the song out. Another mostly-impressive single from Mojo Fury as they reiterate their qualities of a well-rounded band. I really hope they continue touring and writing songs as they aren't far away from completely hitting the nail on the head and writing a truly outstanding rock-record.



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