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Money by The Drums

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Reviewed on 20th July 2011.



By The Drums

It seems as though any voice that comes out of a "Jonathan Pierce" I always have a love/hate relationship with. Either way, there is no escaping the fact that flicking through the radio stations, I am going to hear one. When that voice takes form as lead- vocals of Indie Pop group "The Drums" part of me raises an eyebrow while the other a smile. While I listen with an awkward look on my face I try to focus on the sweet underlying harmonies that exist beneath all the lead-vocal lulling. What I usually find is neither irritable nor irresistible and that feeling is portrayed wonderfully in this new single "Money".

It's one of the racier Drums' songs with snorkelling guitars, claps and snaps galore. It has a hegemonic influence from "The Smiths" as they beckon down the timeline with all the "I don't have/haven't got" folly. Many acerbic remarks have been made about the Brooklyn three-piece, criticisms ranging from their vocal-style to their on-stage antics. For these reasons, some people feel indisposed about enjoying their music, that viewpoint (despite my quiet adoration for this band) I can respect. "Money" is a blaring, sunny tune. Second LP "Portamento" will be a cheeky-sidestep on the Indie-Pop scene.

The track begins with a hurried, swimming blend of guitar-jigs and gentle pats. The vocals are still full of the echoing moans between each of the choruses, which appeared frequently in the first LP. There may be a voice for concern as they try to push the melodic drones through two albums. Leading into the third chorus is a chiming, high-pitched solo-stint spread over a nonchalant bass-riff. Modern technology allows Pierce to sing wailfully over his own backing-vocals. The track beats and zones outwards before coming to a close. "Money" is largely a well-orchestrated pop tune with the ability to please despite vocal curbs.



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