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The Black Crown by Suicide Silence

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Reviewed on 27th July 2011.


The Black Crown

By Suicide Silence

With more aggression than a Rottweiler on steroids, Suicide Silence haven't toned down their deathcore bludgeon in their time away from the fray; however, what they have done is fine-tuned it, giving it more qualities than just the straight-up brutality which was seen on their debut album, 'The Cleansing.'

Being truthful, this is a release which is likely to alienate some of their older fans; Suicide Silence are an almost entirely different sounding band from the one which emerged four or five years ago. I say almost, because there are still some nods to this era; stand-out track 'Human Violence' is a fast-paced behemoth of a track which is heavy as an elephant driving a monster truck, and will provide old-school fans with something to really get their teeth stuck into. The opening one-two punch of 'O.C.D.' and 'Slaves To Substance' allows the band to bare their teeth early on with two uncompromisingly vicious blasts of brutality, confirming their position at the top of the deathcore pile almost effortlessly, letting lose more quality than most deathcore bands manage to showcase on a whole record.

However, this record is not all simple heaviness; the band have let their influences come forth somewhat on this record, none more so than on 'Slaves To Substance', which is somewhat akin to what Deftones would sound like if they had ear stretchers and neck tattoos. In this particular instance, it works, but sometimes you get the feeling that the band have possibly experimented a little too much; an appearance from KoЯn's Jonathan Davis on 'Witness The Addiction' fails to add anything to the track, and the five and a half minute running time dulls the potency of the song.
Being fair though, these tracks will hardly detract from their intense and visceral live shows; songs such as 'Fuck Everything', which suffers slightly in the lyrical department, had no problem decimating the crowd at this year's Ghostfest, and any doubts you may have about this band on record will be more than crushed upon witnessing their live show, which is where the band really come into their own.

On 'The Black Crown', the peaks more than make up for the troughs, but consistency of results is something which Suicide Silence will have to work on if they are fully escape their cynics. However, there is more than substantial evidence on this CD to suggest that Suicide Silence's next album will completely pull the rug from underneath their detractors, and if there's one band capable of flipping deathcore on its head, it's this lot. Even if this is not to be the case, the band can be content that they're still miles ahead of their deathcore peers, and with albums as good as this one under their belt, they're not likely to be losing ground anytime soon.



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