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Drowning In Puddles by Karvel

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Reviewed on 5th August 2011.


Drowning In Puddles

By Karvel

Twickenham triplet Karvel have been giving away free downloads all month and "Drowning In Puddles" is one of them. Handing out free music is a simple way to get your name out there, but eventually it all comes down to the quality of music, which Joe Mallory-Skinner, Tom Wood and Ben Soan seem to deliver on. As proven with this retro lazy-day endeavor.

If I was told this band was from 94' there wouldn't be any surprises. "Drowning In Puddles" commences with one of those sour 90's riffs and groaning grunge vocals. It's sung in a sad-smile style, accompanied by seraphic backing-vocals and heightening, budding bass. The exchange between the two vocalists is a successful pitch contrast as the percussion rides high.

The track about two-thirds in leisurely builds up into a bubbling melodic pool of alternative rock. The profusion of charm and instrumental talent calmly fades out. Another broken bone of 90's rock has been stitched together by this ambitious new three-piece. With more emerging talent domiciling in grunge-rock like this, we could be looking at a complete genre rejuvenation.



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