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Unbreakable by Heaven's Basement

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Reviewed on 20th August 2011.



By Heaven's Basement

It's been a while, but Heaven's Basement are finally back, and by the sounds of this 7-track EP, they mean serious business. Always a force to be reckoned with, it's evident that the fire in their bellies hasn't been doused by multiple line-up changes, none more so than on raucous opener 'Unbreakable'. As far as opening songs go, this is a total belter, the band sounding fresh and revitalised by their time away from the fray. New singer Aaron Buchanan's croon gives the song a slightly Muse-esque quality, but the EP's feet are still firmly planted in that glorious glam-tinged classic rock sound that spawned their fantastic debut EP; indeed, it's not like their sound has drastically changed, more that it has matured over time to give off a more professional, classy vibe.

Still, there are wonderfully scuzzy nods to their older material present on the EP too. 'Paranoia' features a massive, swaggering chorus, whilst closing track 'Leeches' is a snarling, unhinged beast of a song that'll destroy your speakers if played at over half volume. The band haven't forgotten their sense of rhythm either; 'The Long Goodbye' has a groove the size of an ocean trench, and although the songs often sound wild, they never even hint at scrappiness. To be able to sound professional yet never verge on being clinical and cold is a seriously impressive achievement, and is a problem which plagues even the most experienced of bands; that Basement can topple this giant with ease says something about the potential of the hard-rocking quartet. The results are consistent, even on the record's ballad, 'Let Me Out Of Here', where Aaron Buchanan puts in a show-stealing performance with his soulful vocals, complimenting guitarist Sid Glover's winding guitar part beautifully.

To listen to a band this in harmony is a real pleasure, and this EP is not only a statement of intent from the band, but also a sign that they're ready to make a break for the major leagues. Heaven's Basement are far too hot a prospect to be playing at their level for much longer, and although it's nigh on impossible to predict the future in rock music, candidates for success don't come any more convincing- let alone deserving- than Heaven's Basement. Either get on board or move outta their way, because Heaven's Basement are not only unbreakable, but unstoppable as well.



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