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Reviewed on 15th September 2011.


Cerebral Ballzy

By Cerebral Ballzy

Cerebral Ballzy don't do pop punk. They don't do intelligent, political punk. They're not into genre crossings. But it's what they do that's important, they exist solely for kids to have something to go absolutely, completely bonkers to. They are the soundtrack to chugging a beer, falling off your skateboard and paying to get beaten to a pulp at one of their notoriously brutal live offerings.

When frontman Honor Titus shouts the repeated chorus of 'Don't Tell Me What to Do' (that statement over and over) you know it isn't a ploy to bring Britain's disaffected kids to his side but that he completely means what he says. In fact the Brooklynites have made a career so far in looking at what popular punk acts New York has offered, such as The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs and completely ignoring them as influences. Instead, Cerebral Ballzy engage in the visceral attack on the eardrums that could rattle the doors off CBGB's.

With song titles such as 'Puke Song', 'Sk8 All Day' and 'Drug Myself Dumb' the listener shouldn't expect a scathing attack on the modern day economic system, but then again kids don't want to hear that. Rather than a reminder that the world outside isn't idyllic, the band are more concerned with filling their guts full of alcohol and then heaving it all back up again.

The recording and production of the record, helmed by The Bronx man Joby J Ford does well to replicate the wildness of the live shows on to the recorded version, which is essentially the raison d'?e for Cerebral Ballzy, to deliver a kick-ass show. However, when the adrenalin levels die down and the heart rate-levels out you are left with an album of party tunes, which although great, are simply that. Although it is unfair to say the lyrical content is dull, by album closer 'Anthem' they've become a little repetitive. So props to Ballzy for a high-octane album of thrills and spill and by all means check out the gigs which are bound to be good. However, if you prefer chin-strokingly intelligent music to jumping around and possible permanent hearing damage you'll have to find your kicks elsewhere.



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