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In Light by Givers

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Reviewed on 15th September 2011.


In Light

By Givers

After the release of single 'Up Up Up' I was quite excited at the prospect of Givers' debut album release as the single, which opens the album, is a wonderful combination of what almost is afro-pop. Givers hail from Louisiana, the home to so many genres that give the world rhythmic excitement from Zydeco and Cajun to Jazz, and now the indie afro-pop Givers offer. One thing is certain from this album, Givers are a band driven by the rhythm and seek to make it exciting and interesting in different ways.

All the songs on the album have rhythmical changes constantly to give a new angle in the song from the slowdown of 'Up Up Up' to a shift in rhythmic pattern in 'Ceiling of Plankton' (yes really). My favourite rhythmic episode on the album is in second track 'Meantime,' which sees a 50s doo-wop rhythm slide into a Katrina & The Waves style rhythm slide, into a funky reggae groove, then a rock beat this tune has the rhythm going on.

Most tracks bust full of energy and excitement, and at some points games console noises balanced with slower gentle tracks like penultimate track 'Go Out all Night' which falls into a euphoric ending. The album feels like it could be an incredible live show. The sound of the album is something different to your usual run of the mill indie band with something about each track that has the effect whereby many listenings uncover new things each time. One curious referential thought that popped into my head when listening to the record is track 'Noche Nada' which seems to borrow from Television 'Marquee Moon' with angularism that Verlaine would relish.

This record is refreshingly new and interesting, full of a variety of new sound combinations and brilliant rhythmic ideas, so when this comes out it would be worth a listen. Something tells me this is one for the drummers to devour.



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