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An Argument with Myself by Jens Lekman

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Reviewed on 18th September 2011.


An Argument with Myself

By Jens Lekman

It is unbelievably four years since Jens Lekman's last album 'Night Falls Over Kortedala' a collection of songs which saw influences from hip-hop, orchestral grandeur and disco music, a record that is pure genius. Lekman is back with the usual rhythmical, lyrical and musical allure influence by new sources of inspiration from afro-pop rhythms (ok ,so who isn't digging afro-pop right now?) and reggae to the old faithfuls of the orchestra and disco.

The title track opens this EP with afro-pop fervour mixed with mambo rhythms. Lyrically, we follow Jens down Victoria Street as he internally argues with himself, evaluating a relationship. This idea is quite bizarre but really works. He goes from arguing voices in different intonations to uniting points talking of 'a love like ours' uniting these two warring forces diplomatically. The best part of the song is when Jens talks about walking past a back packing hostel where its reggae night and the music changes to chilled reggae vibe giving a full music painting of this journey Jens is taking.

'Waiting for Kirtsen' is an amusing song which seems to be about stalking Kirsten Dunst in Sweden after finding out she name checked him in an interview. The song also appears to make witty comments on the events of Lars Von Trier's anti-Semitic outburst at Cannes 'they drew a swastika in your cappuccino'. The winner of best lyric in this song is the chorus 'In Gothenburg you don't have VIP lines' speaking of the culture not to adore celebrities after hearing Dunst got turned away from a club. This is the track on the EP people are going to like most, as it has a cheeky charm to it and most of us have had a celebrity crush so it's nice to know Jens is with us on this one.

'A Promise' sounds a bit like an 80s pop tune with added orchestra. The song sees Lekman describing a visit to Chile to an ill friend Emmanuel to whom he makes a promise that they will go to Chile when Emmanuel is better.

'New Directions' sounds like some of its riffs belong in Graceland and others belong in a Bach Chorale with an eloquent trumpet solo.

'So This Guy at my Office' opens with a distinctly reggae beat and a charming flute line that makes this a soft reggae ballad that gently finishes this EP off nicely.

Lekman is back and boy am I glad! This EP is a gem of genius and combines so many interesting ideas full with the charm and wit of Lekman's lyricism which is always entertaining. He leads a life I want to hear about as his songs piece together the depths of his life experience. Here's hoping an album follows and that it once again breaks a few moulds.



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