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Save Your Season by Mint Julep

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Reviewed on 13th October 2011.


Save Your Season

By Mint Julep

"Save Your Season" out November 14th is a great record. Synth-filled, ecstatic-toned with the occasional pulse of bass. Underlying, chiming guitar-picks and reverb-soaked vocals give the LP a distant, ethereal-skyline vibe. Seldom displeases and entertains over multiple listens. This comes down to the multi-component tracks and the undoubted influences of Keith Kenneth's solo project "Helios".

The intro track has the feeling of a morning sunrise twinkling to life. Saintly chanting slathered over glimmering keys is a chilling contrast as it slides into track two "Aviary". Subdued clunks of downbeat bass creates an image of a DJ lurching over a piece of technical equipment pressing grey, rectangular buttons. Lead-singer Hollie Kenneth unleashes the first line, instantly hooking you. A warping, telephonic trill leaks into hearing before systematic drum-claps enter frame. A pale shockwave of Indie-Pop culminates in echoing, harmonious triplets.

Previously reviewed as a single, track three "Days Gone By" is a wintery, wonder of buffeting percussion and ghostly, soaring synth. "Save Your Season" is wheeled-in on a cheeky drum-intro before intertwining with more angelic vocals. It isn't the best song on the album but definitely has depth with the addition of a swooning guitar and fragments of electronic radiance. Laid on a stratum of metallic keys a slightly drier vocal style takes a beautifully-downcast stab at proceedings in "To The Sea".

"Cherry Radio" would be a pleasing affair but unintentionally has a few too many similarities with "Sometime Around Midnight" by "The Airborne Toxic Event" but nevertheless a good listen. Track seven "No Letting Go" is a chain of hissing percussion, a bobbling riff and lustrous vocals. The track blows and bubbles but never quite explodes throughout the 6 minutes with chugging guitar-bursts to entertain along the way.

With a dream cloud of concentrated synth, "Stay" is a kindly, tender affair; a euphoric construction of light-headed elements. "Time is Distance" is a swivelling, commotion packed into 5 minutes of affecting Pop. This brings me to the finale, number ten, the best track on the album. Beginning with a gulping, plodding riff you'd expect from an early-day Metronomy song, "Why Don't We" has a punch of emotion in the chorus and the most memorable lyrics from the whole album. When compared to the other tracks the vocals enter the fray at infrequent intervals giving you a chance to encompass all the intricate ingredients that leave you yearning for more.

"Save Your Season" is silky smooth and powerfully angelic. It shows whispers of many genres with Hollie Kenneth's reverb vocals a reoccurring theme. Each song is layered in shreds of gentle, ambience with occasional gloomy expeditions. If you're looking for a bit more from Indie-Pop than high-chiming choruses, then let some of the instrumentally-conjoined outlets of this Portland-based duo tempt you.



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