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Untitled by Floozy

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Reviewed on 1st April 2001.



By Floozy

Five nice blokes, four affable tracks. Some springy little guitar riffs and a load of enthusiasm. A goofy, friendly CD with a big SG type guitar in moody black and white on the sleeve. Floozy is a good name. Band members all have even shorter names like "Bill" and no surname. So hi Phil, James, Mark, Andy and Matt! "Melody and mayhem since 1995", it says on the website. "Shambolic pop punk" it says in the live review. That's about it really.

The words are as simple as you can get. The playing is on the primitive side, with some fluffs left in the mix. There's a bit of tunefulness there. It sounds like a demo tape, a reminder of the good fun live show and a record of the time spent. To make it as a CD to sell to strangers you need more precision in the playing and a much stronger singing voice. Work is needed on the lyrics and some decisions would have to made on which bit of the last twenty five years of guitar bands you want to emulate. I heard bits of Martha and the Muffins, the Sex Pistols, the Police, and maybe ZZ Top. There's a load of other swapped, half learnt and reworked riffs and tricks there too some of them handed down from one band to another over the years. Kind of modern folk music the good bits keep on turning up in new workings of old ideas.

A stronger rhythmic drive and a more sharply defined recorded sound would make a huge difference.



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