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Cardinal Sins/Contrary Values by Hymns

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Reviewed on 7th November 2011.


Cardinal Sins/Contrary Values

By Hymns

For an atheist band, Hymns know how to appeal to a vast variety of people. From the chilling opening of 'Repent & Rebuild' to the harsh-hitting sounds of '', ex-Blakfish member Sam Manville delivers powerful, almost spoken declarations of reality. Double album 'Cardinal Sins/Contrary Values' delivers chunky, raw and impressive sounds ranging from the rock vibe found on 'Idyllic in Nature, Horrendous in Habit' to the slow whispers of 'Terms Of Endearment' to the catchy 'A Punch To The Temple' which is a punch full of rock swagger, anger and a riff that makes you want to jump around. Every song on this album differs slightly with genre but all deliver the same message, and people should listen.

It is sometimes hard to believe that this band is only a two-piece, and whilst not being completely like Blakfish (definitely a slight indie vibe on this album), it should be something that old fans will be able to get into. A valiant debut from the Midlands duo.



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