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Fools And Worthless Liars by Deaf Havana

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Reviewed on 7th November 2011.


Fools And Worthless Liars

By Deaf Havana

It's been a rough couple of years for Deaf Havana since the release of their first studio album, Meet Me Halfway At Least. The album received much praise for the storming album only to announce the departing of screamer/vocalist Ryan soon afterwards. Their decision to continue as a four-piece was a subject of much debate among fans. Some hating the idea that the band just wouldn't be the same without a screamer, and others just wondering what will happen now. They still had a fantastic set of musicians and a brilliant vocalist, so what next?

Fools And Worthless Liars was released today, November 7th and flew straight to #1 in the iTunes rock chart in just 10 minutes. For the fans that stuck around after Ryan's departure, this new album is huge. The band have clearly moved on. Onwards and upwards. They never lost their knack for writing beautiful, moving lyrics that can be felt and recognised by everyone. James Veck-Gilodi writes from the heart and it's not hard to put yourself in his shoes and I'm sure a lot of the people listening to this, the youth of this generation, will be able to relate to these songs.

And as always there's the catchy choruses, beautiful vocals from Veck-Gilodi, brilliant percussion from drummer Tom Ogden. The high point of the album, in my opinion, is 'The World Or Nothing' which was released in May this year with a video. Like their last album, each track is bursting with emotion and is completed with a driving chorus, though now at least, there is a sense of optimism in their lyrics - 'to tell you the truth I'm just scared, but at least I'm not alone' - hope for a better future, things are looking up for Deaf Havana. All they need now is a nice long tour to show off their brilliant new songs!



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