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Boom Boom by Dead Sons

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Reviewed on 8th November 2011.


Boom Boom

By Dead Sons

So we all cut our teeth in the sort of indie clubs where the DJ played anthems guaranteed to fill the dance-floor, didn't we? Those tunes that - drunk or sober - got your night going. "Killing In The Name Of", "Sabotage", "Debaser" and "Kennedy" all did it for me and no doubt there are other tunes doing it now. Well, kicking-off this EP is "Shotgun Woman" which definitely has that pedigree about it - something you'd never get tired of shaking it to. From the demonic keys of the intro to the pounding drums and guitars, there's an authentic blend of attitude and fun creating a sound bound to win these guys fans in an instant. Somewhere in there I can hear The Cardiacs and Birdland throwing dust into the eyes of Arctic Monkeys and to be honest, in a fight, that's who I'd put my money on.

"You're Not Half As Smooth As Me" has a slower, slinkier mood with raunchy guitars snaking their way around the vocals and doused in a mist of sleazy blues. At first this might sound like there's less energy than the opener but it certainly isn't lacking in passion. This is smart music and would make for a cool refrain from the measured mania of "Shotgun Woman" and "Bangonfullturn" in a live set. "Better Than Being Alone" would have a similar effect and again, there's more to this song than meets the ear.

"Bangonfullturn" brings it back to anthem-like proportions again showing these guys rock very well together. There's a haunting feel to the start of the tune, a bit like with "Shotgun Woman" but although they songs are related in some ways - they're every bit different. The guitars have a brilliantly raced conversation with each other punctuated by excellent drumming in this one and a bit like with the first track, once I'd finished listening to it, it went straight back on again.

This is a really solid EP demonstrating energy and poise, youth and experience, rock and soul; all in equal measure, delivering an honest but polished sound. The vocals are perfect for the sound created and the music is fierce and cool where they mean it to be. Alternate songs on "Boom Boom" show they can either blow your head off or charm with more deftly controlled phrasing. I love the music that inspired the pastiche on the majority of Last Shadow Puppets songs and while I can't deny there are some stylistic reminders here, Dead Sons achieve their own sound and they should be proud of it. There are definitely two sides to Dead Sons' musical personality and although I can't decide which I like the most - they both have me hooked and hungry for more.

"Boom Boom" indeed fellas. Excellent EP.



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