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Kneel Estate by 22

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Reviewed on 16th November 2011.


Kneel Estate

By 22

Kneel Estate is the second UK release from Norwegian new energy outfit 22. True to form, it's bursting with captivating melodies and eccentric rhythms from the word go. The band's previous EP, Plastik, demonstrated their exceptional talent for pooling together an exciting array of influences, and this follow up goes on to fortify this reputation.

The EP opens with the title track, Kneel Estate, which immediately drowns the listener in a thick mantra of haunting vocals that gradually build into an unforgettably seductive chorus. A strong opener to say the least. The pace immediately quickens with the following track, Molecyl, which rips into bass-driven licks somewhat reminiscent of early Incubus (think S.C.I.E.N.C.E). The piece's beautifully crafted blend of Latin meter and flawless vocal harmonies guide you through an incredible musical landscape, whetting your anticipation for the next offering. The tracks continue to flow harmoniously as Chrysallis and Algorythm go on to demonstrate the masterful musicianship of this creative collective. Weaving between a plethora of progressively more diverse influences, the listener is guided through soundscapes that reflect musical styles as disparate as Radiohead and Meshuggah, all the while effortlessly intermingling to create a synergy of rapturous sonic delights. The collection concludes with a remix of the title track - this time around blending dub and electronica with the original themes of the piece, harnessing a pallet of remarkable synthetic sounds to create a masterfully organic composition reminiscent of Massive Attack with a hint of Noisia.

Kneel Estate really is a pleasure to listen to. Whatever your musical preference, you're bound to find something here that'll capture your imagination and get you hooked on the stunning sounds of 22. Kneel Estate is due for release on November 21. Check out tracks and keep up to date with the band at www.myspace.com/22newenergymusic and http://22newenergymusic.com/



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