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Lights by Our People Versus Yours

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Reviewed on 21st November 2011.



By Our People Versus Yours

It's rather appropriate that Our People Versus Yours' latest effort is called 'Lights', because there are few bands in the UK who could claim to be shining as brightly as this lot are doing right now. If Charles Darwin was to stumble upon the Essex crew's latest offering, he'd probably describe it as the missing evolutionary link between Architects' 'Hollow Crown' and We Are The Ocean's self-titled EP, such is its knack for mixing heavy, technical elements with those of a melodic and anthemic disposition. Sadly, Mr Darwin is unlikely to experience this most sublime of records, but unless you too have been dead for 129 years, there's no excuse for you to follow in his footsteps.

It's difficult to know where to begin when a record covers this much ground- even more so when it's over the course of 4 tracks- so I guess I'll just start with the EP's fantastic lead single, 'Ariha'. I've got bugger all idea what 'Ariha' actually means (Google's best guess is a city in Syria), but this doesn't deter from the fact that this is an absolute beast of a song; the towering melodies at work in the song compliment the serrated riffs and hooks littering the track perfectly, and the overall result is excellent-the band's songwriting credentials are truly impressive, and their constant tempo changes and twists in the post-hardcore formula will keep listeners on their toes for many spins yet.

When the band aren't showing off their massive melodic streak, they're busy causing chaos with their equally brilliant heaviness. EP closer 'In Unity' soon breaks into an almost While She Sleeps-esque juddering semi-breakdown which has the nous to get any crowd stomping around the venue in a nanosecond. It takes 'I've Had Better Days' less than 30 seconds to break down, a record even an Alpha Romeo would struggle to match- put simply, if you're looking for a band who know their way round a melody but aren't afraid to crack some skulls, then Our People Versus Yours might well be the ones to end your searches.

As with all quality EPs, its one fault is that there just aren't enough tracks present to satisfy a listener; the brevity of this EP inspires cravings so great you begin to wonder why it's not categorised as a Class A substance. Still, the band have squashed so much quality into such a short amount of time that you'd find it impossible to begrudge them for their briefness. Instead, fans will just have to sit tight for their next release, but based on the quality of 'Lights', the next instalment should be worth every second spent waiting.



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