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Johnny Foreigner vs Everything by Johnny Foreigner

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Reviewed on 21st November 2011.


Johnny Foreigner vs Everything

By Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner are back with a chunky new 17 track album, their third to date. The playful, organised chaos that is Johnny Foreigner's sound is so hard to turn off and reaches a whole new level with this album. The band have always been tight and the lead vocals of Kelly Southern and Alexei Berrow really feed off each other. A marriage made in music.

The record is a mix of ballads, meaty rock tunes and some that are somewhere in between, beginning with "If I'm The Famous Boy You've Fucked, The Honey, Yr in Trouble". An introductory piece that was, according to the band, one of the last to be written.

This album and the band as a whole are definitely niche and even with their cult following, I'm uncertain whether "Johnny Foreigner vs Everything" will propel them anywhere near mainstream success, despite being an interesting and likeable album.

Seventeen tracks really does seem a bit overkill. However, most are definitely worth a listen. "200X" for those who are a fan of Foreigner's mellower sound, "With Who, Who and What I've Got" for those who are not.



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