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Fracture Flows Volumes 3 & 4 by KC

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Reviewed on 14th December 2011.


Fracture Flows Volumes 3 & 4


KC was born into the life that he chose to lead regardless of making it his decision; hailing from East London, grime capital of the UK, he's been relentlessly pushing material since the age of 15.

I picked up a couple of KC's promo CDs when he beckoned me over on a busy Leeds high street. Normally I'm not inclined to stop and listen, but KC as a person is the kind of inviting guy that you want to listen to. And this stretches to his music; there's an addictive quality to the albums that keeps you listening for hours. Volumes 3 & 4 of his Fracture Flows feature 18 and 22 tracks respectively, through which your ears will bear witness to a lucid flow of rap, grime, hip hop and experimental beats. And experimental is a key word - KC isn't afraid of trying out new styles in his material, some of which go unheard even in mainstream radio.

'R.A.V.E' is one of KC's signature tracks, and aside from the catchiest chorus since Roll Deep's 'Good Times', it's got a sick pseudo-electro beat for him to work over. In contrast, the song 'Don't Know How' featuring up-and-coming acoustic artist Laura Warwick shows off the lighter side of KC's incredible diverse range of music production. My favourite track has to be the first from Volume 4, 'Freestyle Part 1'. It's a sound like this that makes me wonder how we have performers like Dizzee in the charts, whilst artists with matching talent fight to get their name heard. But KC will continue to get fresh stuff out one way or another, which is made clear not only from his Twitter feed, but also from the way Volume 4 of Fracture Flows feels even tighter than that which came before it. Everything just seems like KC has been committed to working tirelessly for years.

And it's commitment that's his biggest and most respectable attribute. Lyrics that come from the heart show real devotion to the cause, and KC has plenty to boot. It shines in both his solo tracks and also those featuring other underground artists, most commonly O-Double, Rizlo and Roots. Grime's never been one of my favourite genres, mostly because of the stagnant nature of the modern mainstream scene. But it looks like we finally have some inspiration to breathe life back into the waters.

You can follow KC at the twitter.com/kcfractureflows or by searching for KC Diabour on Facebook.



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