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To The Treetops! by Team Me

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Reviewed on 24th December 2011.


To The Treetops!

By Team Me

The Oslo Six-Piece are a tumultuous, snowstorm of Scandinavian, indietronic magic. The first full-length release is a lavish shrub of mountainous, motorway-music; pumped full of jaunty exuberance. The record bares its teeth at times, brandishing frolicsome breakdowns towards the end of the longer tracks. The LP is a warming excavation of uplifting complexity, with the odd steely tangent - scything into the weirdly, wonderful unknown.

Track one, "Riding My Bicycle", gives you an indication of the album vibe. Wintery reeds in a passing field - refreshingly atmospheric. Unisex-vocals pop-out through jovial potholes, yawning golden rays. "Show Me" is a revelry of grand piano-keys and the lead-line: "I'm playing with a dangerous flame again", ending spectacularly-celebrative, possibly the best song on the album.

"Dear Sister", (much longer than the EP version) is a sparkly, uphill stream, broadening and thinning on the offhand. Synths and strings warble in (what has to be one of the longest song titles ever) "With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look at You Now". A track in which backing-vocals hail as the band makes use of their many great voices. "Daggers", the album finale, is when the half-dozen go airborne, exalting skywards on their magic carpet of keys, synths and cymbals.

"To The Treetops!" shows no signs of aerophobia as the twinkling, unfloundering appeal of the choruses are resourcefully intersected with numerous backing-vocals. Scarcely does the album contrast from its elevated mood, maybe something they'll do in the future, but they're just too cheerful to stay mad at. Let's just say that if you're not smiling after the first 90 seconds, (which are a fantastic 90 seconds) then the album isn't for you. We're in an era of "Indie-Band" trivialisation but "Team Me" are an intriguing and worthwhile listen.



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