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Dark Adrenaline by Lacuna Coil

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Reviewed on 29th January 2012.


Dark Adrenaline

By Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil's latest album Dark Adrenaline starts with their first release single from the album, 'Trip The Darkness'. After a short, strong and quirky intro that marks the arrival of the album, the first vocals we hear are from Andrea Ferro; a man who is often overlooked in discussions about the band. This first track helps to demonstrate why Lacuna Coil has two singers: because the interplay between the gruff, heavy Italian voice of Ferro and the elegant, pure voice of Cristina Scabbia works extremely well. Admittedly, Scabbia does steal the show throughout the album; the power and range of her voice, not to mention her ability to alter the tone to suit the lyrics, dominates every track.

The album as a whole is very easy to listen to. The tracks 'Fire', 'Trip The Darkness' and 'Intoxicated' really showcase the band's ability to produce music that can be enjoyed by none Lacuna Coil fans. Whilst maintaining the Lacuna Coil signature, these tracks in particular speak to the masses. 'Intoxicated' is a personal favourite because of Scabbia's vocal line that sounds as though it has Eastern influences. 'Fire' is also a favourite, as it has a very interesting sound; the dancey drum beat and tempo contrasts wonderfully with the metal guitars and Ferro's voice. Surprisingly, it's all an enjoyable mix.

One track that no fan of music can avoid mentioning is the band's cover of R.E.M's classic 'Losing My Religion'. Upon first listening to it, it was hard to know what to make of it. Whilst it obviously doesn't sound like a typical Lacuna Coil track, they certainly put their own unique spin on it. The original form of the song has been completely changed, and if I hadn't have heard the original, I know that I would like this version a lot more than I do. Truth be told, they've done a good job with making it their own, yet maintaining enough respect for the original; I just can't seem to shake off my love for R.E.M.

Although not every track brings something to the album- let's be honest, that never happens, the production is great, and the musical direction of the album is an interesting one to hear. Even those who aren't a big fan of Lacuna Coil will find something to enjoy on this album; I definitely recommend a listen, you won't regret it!



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