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Into the Sea by Swound!

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Reviewed on 30th January 2012.


Into the Sea

By Swound!

'Oh, No!' is what haunts your mind when Whatever Happened, Happened, a documentary a part of Swound!'s album Into the Sea, is over. Coming out of the Swound! world is like waking up from a very good dream. Your life somehow ends up empty, boring and grey and all that's left is the music.

What wins you over about Swound! is that they are four extraordinary boys, who know how to put their spirit into the music and charge it with life. Their second album Into the Sea has been stuck in my PC player for the last couple of days and there's no sign that it's getting out of it soon. If I tell you that it's vivacious, that it's spirited and cheerful it won't mean more than words to you. But if you give it a listen, you'll find yourself at ease, singing along with untroubled mind. It is an album that makes you smile.

"Big Trouble" makes you feel like you're a child again; hiding behind the corner, waiting and impatiently peaking when's the annoying lady next door going to open the gate and find herself poured with water over her head. Going through the album you will find yourself discovering more and more every time. In "Big Trouble" we get to hear George Hardy as a guest vocal; a dentist from America, who is widely infamous for acting in the worst movie ever, according to IMDB, Trol 2. "Everybody Hates Her", on the other hand, hides the voice of Dean Jackson from the BBC, who talks about salad cream. The songs may not have long complex guitar solos, the lyrics may not be as if taken from a poem, but they are simple, honest and lighthearted and that's what makes them what they are - full of life and energy. Songs like "In My Head" make it easy and effortless for you to just sink into the tune and be ready to go along with it wherever it takes you.

If you've already gave Swound!'s album a first listen, you're ready now for the documentary DVD. With this album you not only get 12 amazing songs that will lift your spirits in no time, but you also get to go on a journey that will make you a part of Swound!'s life just for a bit. What makes this documentary worth watching is that, as all cool people, the Staszkiewicz brothers don't try to make you like them, they're just who they are and you can't help secretly admire their freedom. Now listen to the album again and see how different it sounds. You can find all the hidden bits, understand the music better, see the lyrics clearer and appreciate them in a new way.

I can't promise you that you will hear something unheard of before. I can't promise you deep lyrics and obscure, dark melodies. But I can promise you that you will spend some time having a laugh, enjoying great music and charging yourself against crappy life, mean people, who do suck, and find a little hope, that there are still cool people out there who will keep doing music for us and make us feel better.



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