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NYC Bags and NYC Stuff by Vondelpark

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Reviewed on 5th February 2012.


NYC Bags and NYC Stuff

By Vondelpark

Vondelpark are a recent signing to legendary Belgian dance label R&S Records, and with the release of their second EP NYC Stuff and NYC Bags, they truly show why they are turning heads. Unlike most of their label mates, Vondelpark create music that is drenched in reverb and delay, reflecting the band's overall shyness. Only a few internet searches reveal the band's conscious effort to remain mostly hidden. In a one-off interview with Vice magazine, front man Lewis Rainsbury remarks that 'We've all been in bands before and this time we're taking a very cautious approach'.

NYC Stuff and NYC Bags is certainly not an EP that shouts for attention; instead one that hides in the corner, fragile and wary. Once the listener engages, it quietly cries heartbreak whilst yearning for something better. Opening number TV uses an array of interesting guitar lines that fade in and out while Rainsbury fittingly muffles the title along with numerous semi-intelligible words. The beat sits comfortably underneath, giving the track the calm groove it requires. In a similar fashion to their first EP Sauna, there is heavy use of sampling of old garage records, but as standout tracks Camels and Outro for NYC show, there is a more mature approach that gives the tracks an ethereal and more thoughtful sound. Amidst Vondelpark's washy, chillwave production there is an honest sound. This promising EP now points towards a full length release, perhaps one where the band steps into the limelight, or will they continue to remain masked by their music...?



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