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Brudenell Groove by Brass Moustache

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Reviewed on 1st March 2001.


Brudenell Groove

By Brass Moustache

Brudenell Groove sparkles like frost on a sunny day. It zings like lemon juice in a salad. It's three smart-arsed young men doing a sort of acid jazz thing right there in your back yard. Rim shots, a smacked snare and funky upright bass set up a perfect groove for Marcus O'Neill's sparky comments on living the transient single life in a dirty city in England in 2001. His Fender Jazzmaster cuts clean through the rhythm section and the whole thing just snaps along, five songs in one breath and one mood. It's a real treat. It's special. Then the harmonica comes in like a luxury extra. Perfect.

The jazz and blues forms are used with just enough looseness and affection to pay homage. If you know your music you'll know the sources. But you'll not get bored looking for quotes or lose the plot admiring "technique". Their technique isn't the point, and here and there it isn't "great" - it's the ambient feel and it's the wry observation that really get to me. This is direct and organic music with three genuine people whose playing and singing gets straight to you with nothing in the way.

There's a whole dysfunctional neighbourhood in the five songs - confident scary young women ('wipe clean helena' and 'bangles cassettes'), best friends for six months who leave with just a hug ('watching people leave') and mad Bob the jammed-to-the-rafters shop keeper ('the hardware comedian'). There's a bad world out there outside there too where things get menacing and alien ('american policemen'). It's all on the street, it's very direct and it feels live. They're making the most of college, crappy jobs and a basement flat. Brass Moustache are real.

Jon Strong at Tube has done a neat job of capturing the whole thing. It's the songs and nothing but the songs. The CD looks good, sounds good and will be a treasured thing for anyone who has lived in Leeds 6 over the last years. It's a very English blues and you MUST have it in your collection. I will cross the street and pay money to hear this lot anytime.



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