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Given to the Wild by The Maccabees

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Reviewed on 25th February 2012.


Given to the Wild

By The Maccabees

At this moment in time, we are being constantly reminded of the continually growing opinion that "guitar music is dead", but it's encouraging to know that not everyone feels the same way. Following the previously successful debut album "Colour it in" and its follow up "Wall of Arms", London-based five piece The Macabees are back with a somewhat Foals-inspired third album "Given to the Wild".

After a 2-minute intro, this album sees The Macabees embrace a new more anthemic, mature sound compared to previous efforts. The album kicks off with "Child", a soft song that floats through the motions of its lyrics and revolves around the descending, almost liquid-like, guitar patterns, irrepressible bass line and brass sections. It's no surprise that the 3 year gap between "Wall of Arms" and "Given to the Wild" has given The Macabees time to develop their sound, as demonstrated by their track "Feel to Follow", which is shaping up to be one of the definitive songs of the album.

Following the new more laid back vocal style of lead singer Orlando Weeks on "Feel to Follow", "Pelican" punches brightly and energetically into our ears after "Heave" gently rolls to its conclusion. "Grew up at Midnight" brought most of their 2011 live shows to a close, and now brings their third album to a passionate ending with Weeks lyrically reminiscing about his childhood with a chorus of tuneful nostalgia.

Despite the fact that any hint of an interesting idea in this album has already been done by somebody else, the beautiful structure and varied territories of sound surpasses these doubts to create an album that subtly captures your attention from start to finish.



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