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Guaranteed to Disagree by We Are The In Crowd

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Reviewed on 3rd April 2012.


Guaranteed to Disagree

By We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd are Hopeless Records' new young hopefuls (bad pun intended). Armed with an irresistible female/male vocal combo, the group were snapped up just one year after forming. Talk about a rocket ride to the top.

What about the release then, 'Guaranteed to Disagree'? There's absolutely no denying the band can write catchy sugar-sweet pop-rock tunes. Tay Jardine has a fantastic poppy vocal that compliments the tracks on offer here really well. Opener 'Carry Me Home' showcases this with the high notes belted out left, right and centre. 'Never Be What You Want' has a huge chorus but suffers a bit from the samples and effects placed at the beginning. In fact, throughout the record whenever the band experiment with a sample or loop it drags the track down a little and makes it sound a little too sweet.

Aside from this however, this is a really strong EP. 'Lights Out' is a great little song with a killer bridge, featuring the only instance of gang vocals on the record. Throughout the EP the multi-gendered vocal blows are never over done and Tay rightly takes centre stage above the back up vocals of Jordan Eckes. The chorus hooks on this record are tremendous and 'For The Win' will eat its way into your conscience and won't leave there for days. 'Calendar Pages' is a nice way to round off the album and doesn't stray from the formula for the rest of the EP. We Are The In Crowd know what they're good at and haven't tried their hand at some ill-advised number in order to show some sort of "versatility."

We Are The In Crowd should be a massive band for Hopeless and you can see why they took a chance on them. With a stint on the whole Warped Tour in the US they should make a hoard of new fans, it's only a matter of time until the UK takes notice as well. The seven tracks on offer on 'Guaranteed to Disagree' should be a stepping-stone into the mainstream.



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