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Other People's Problems by Breton

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Reviewed on 4th April 2012.


Other People's Problems

By Breton

"Most important new band of 2010" noted one YouTube user gaining them a multitude of likes. The song was 'December' and the band were film makers turned musicians, Breton. Just fast forward two years and they could well fulfil this role. Forming in 2010 and having already released 3 EPs, their debut 'Other People's Problems' claws its way at the realm of musical genius. It's a record brimming with conflicting beats, vocals with a distinct southern edge, obscure sound effects and throbbing synthesizers.

Opening track 'Pacemaker' is stunning in its layering of choppy beats and solitary violin but it is the following track 'Electrician' that really sets the pace; becoming more infectious the further you delve in. There's an esoteric blend of sound effects permeating the album, this is most noticeable in 'Inteference'. As it begins with a bleeping almost like that of a failing life support machine before the repetition of the catchy 'oh oh oh' rushes in and you feel obliged to hum along.

At times there is a lot to focus on, but all the components are like atoms speeding towards each other on a collision course resulting in a beautiful chaos. The album is enhanced by a string section counteracting the electro beats and chopped up samples. It is as if it shouldn't work but the lovely juxtaposition of these elements guarantee success.

'Governing Correctly' is reminiscent of early Friendly Fires, whereas the penultimate track 'Jostle' starts as if it's a horribly warped version of Pitbull's 'Hotel Room Service' but then the vocals kick in and take away any dubiousness. Surprisingly, it's one of the highlights. While the vocals hush there's then a cacophony of crashing instruments and shouty vocals, once again making it instantly memorable.

Hype can be as beneficial as the death penalty. It can place so much expectation on a band that it signals their demise before they've even begun. With Breton there has been a gradual garnering of attention, from being featured as The Guardian's Band of the Day in September and as NME's Radar Band in January. The manifestation of their experimentation has resulted in an eclectic sounding debut dipping into a plethora of genres, and will guarantee a snowball of hype to head their way from many more of these publications.

'Other People's Problems' is a confident, promising effort weaving its way through the upbeat and lo- fi. Breton have finally arrived and I welcome you to the sound of the future.



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