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Everything Breaks by Severin

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Reviewed on 5th April 2012.


Everything Breaks

By Severin

It was announced last week that a minimum price of 40p per unit of alcohol was to be introduced in England; this of course was good news for some, and bad news for others. It means that the price of a bottle of White Lightning will rise from 86p to 14.20, which is great if you're unfortunate enough to live in an area of the country blighted by alcoholism and all of the violence and crime associated with it, but if you're a 17 year old who enjoys a cheap piss-up with his mates after finishing college on a Friday evening then you're probably going to be against the move. As usual, a bunch of smelly, bearded, trade union supporting, fair-trade coffee buying folk were thrust in front of microphones and television cameras to argue that the law will affect people disproportionately; oh how they went on and on about the adorable and down-trodden poor people- who just don't feel like working God bless 'em- who will no longer be able to afford to get drunk and paint our town centres with kebab coloured vomit every Saturday night, whereas those wealth creating, job providing, public service subsidising rich BASTARDS can carry on enjoying a nice glass of red with lunch, and a few gin and tonics after a hard days graft. Will this measure stop people binge drinking? Probably, maybe, probably not. Who knows?

What does any of this have to do with the 'Everything Breaks' EP by Severin? You ask. Well, like all other genres of music, this pop electronica stuff is only fully appreciated in the right places, and as it happens these right places tend to be inhabited by intoxicated people. So, if more people decide to give up the booze, it may have a negative effect on Severin's prospects of future success.

This would be a great shame because I really enjoyed this 4 tract record; Elizabeth Anne Martin and Danny Sanchez have managed to interweave their muscular and bassy modern beats and rhythms with the kinds of vocals and melodies usually found in 80s new wave and the art rock of the 90s, they do this without compromising the very thoughtful and spiritual roots of the song writing and the Eurythmics-like elegance that consumes every second of the music.

I found the EPs third track 'Light//Water' particularly endearing; it reminded me of the first time I encountered Radioheads post guitar rock albums, with the beauty and the subtlety of the melodies painting pictures in your mind and the lyrics capturing your imagination without really saying much at all.

So then, I would like to propose a toast to Severin and the fine work they have done on this record, because when the time comes for you to have friends over for a few drinks and you want to move the conversation on from work, football, bills and house prices and on to more enlightening topics such as relationships, our place in the universe and why dogs are smarter than Liberal Democrats then you can put the Adele CD away for the night and replace it with this EP, but I'm afraid all of the teetotallers and designated drivers out there will not be receiving an invite, you lot can stay at home and listen to Cher.



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