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Devine Providence by Deer Tick

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Reviewed on 6th April 2012.


Devine Providence

By Deer Tick

We say 'lift', they say 'elevator'. We say 'arse', they say 'ass'. We say 'Piers Morgan is s**t', they say 'Piers Morgan is s**t'. We say 'salad', they say 'what's that?'

Yes it's the good old US of A! And yes I am aware that it does have some civilized bits like certain parts of New York and errm......... Anyway, outside of New York this vast nation is inhabited predominantly by oversized folk who enjoy pickup trucks, homophobia, shooting each other in the face and a 'sport' in which it is common practice for a 900lbs masked man to hit a large breasted underwear model over the head with a chair.

Culturally then the US and Britain can often be worlds apart, this by definition includes the music industry, and although some American bands such as Guns 'n' Roses, Nirvana, Metallica etc. (those too good to be ignored) have bridged the gap, the majority settle in their homeland and in the case of country music- which most parts of the world just don't get- prosper to a level at which some of its recording artists generate incomes far greater than most European artists who sell worldwide.

So where do Deer Tick fit in? Are they world beaters or destined to see out their careers in the land of ignorance and burgers? Well I'm afraid it has to be the latter because unlike your average yank, we in the developed world got sick of this one dimensional cock-rock decades ago and have moved on; we want more integrity from our music, more intelligence and more class- none of which are provided by this record. In fact, I am so very confident that this record will not be embraced by us Brits that I am willing to put my neck on the line and say that if this album does infiltrate the top 20 on these shores I will drop my pants, have George W. Bush's smiling face tattooed on my bottom and then do some mooning at an al-Qaeda meeting.

'Devine Providence' kicks off with a track called 'The Bump'; it's built around the sort of guitar riff a caveman would enjoy and contains many witty and thoughtful lines such as 'I'm in your town, I got a warrant out', 'I'm a drunken devil' and 'One night with me is gonna mess you up'. Yeah, not the kind of tune that would get things going down at the Horse and Pheasant, but I'm sure the locals at Billys Gun Totin' Rednecks Tavern will find it to be the perfect soundtrack to their night of fighting, drinking Budweiser out of the can and comparing moustaches.

The shamelessly forward attitude and barn door simplicity continues on the records third offering 'Let's All Go To the Bar'- I don't think I need to tell you what it's all about- whilst listening I found myself having the same reaction as I did when I first encountered Theory of a Deadman; my head was in my hands and I become overwhelmed by a horrible sense embarrassment for the poor and unfortunate chap spouting these brain dead and quite frankly stupid lyrics.

Thankfully, having ploughed through even some of the record's milder moments, the seemingly relentless wave of swagger and idiocy is brought to an abrupt halt as we are treated to the wonderful 'Make Believe'; this addictive piece of indie-pop magic is without a doubt the highlight of this album and could very easily have been penned by The Courteeners, Dirty Pretty Things or any one of a number of British bands.

It's never been easy for an artist from either side to be successful across the pond, it takes universal appeal and very few posses it, maybe if I were American I would have enjoyed this album, maybe I could have listened to it as I trollied my fat arse on down to the local fast food joint on my mobility scooter. I don't doubt for a second that Deer Tick will have an audience and a fan base, it just isn't here in Britain. So there's no need for an invasion lads, I can't imagine that you'll win many hearts and minds.



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