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Kaskaden by Casiokids

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Reviewed on 13th April 2012.



By Casiokids

If spring had decided to actually fulfil its seasonal commitments; instead of deciding that after a fleeting visit, it wasn't really worth the effort and sulking off to Europe, then the perfect post equinox soundtrack would've been the debut album, 'Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen' from Norwegian synth-poppers - 'Casiokids'.

Disgruntled daffodils aside, the album's already been critically acclaimed as one of the hottest things around at the moment. A crisp electronic backdrop frames wonderfully delicate melodies that can paint intense imagery in the heads of it's listeners, even on the tracks that have no lyrics. When music can be so incredibly emotive without words, it would only take away from the overall aesthetic to include them.

Where they do use vocals, it's all in Norwegian anyway so unless you're fluent it's irrelevant to get all high and mighty about a lack of vocals elsewhere. It's the feel of it that's the most important, and if it makes you get all dreamy and stirs something in you then the language it's voiced in doesn't really matter, does it?

Their newest single - 'Kaskaden' is without a vocal, but the intelligent and original bites of video game synth dance around each other playfully, building up pristine layers of sound to a sixties-esque Hollywood crescendo. In the chorus it's essentially The Tornados crossed with Super Mario with a bit of jazz shuffle drumming thrown in for fun, now doesn't that sound exciting?

It's off the wall, it's a little different and it's not the same generic drivel that's blared from radios everywhere, and that, can only ever be a good thing.



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