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Untitled by Rollerball

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Reviewed on 1st February 2001.



By Rollerball

I was slightly nervy before reviewing this CD; the reason being that I'd heard a number of people comment adversely on it - at first I could see what they meant; but the more I've listened to it the more it has developed. I can hear more of the individual parts, such as the mainly Mansun-driven second track "Celebrate" now has riffs that remind me of Divine Comedy.

To say I have become drawn to the CD is true, and it helps that there are only two tracks on the CD which means that in only half an hour you could have listened to both tracks five or six times each.

The first bar of a ballsy opening track by Rollerball kicks you straight into the song: a strong distinguished sound, a true big rock guitar opening. It was a pity really that this instantly gave me my first impressions, which were that Rollerball were a cut down version of Mariko.

Both bands develop the same concepts, attempting big glamorous rock-stomping tunes; however, Rollerball's "I Don't Know" came across with slightly less drive, a touch less power in its delivery. But I enjoyed it, even though I didn't think that overall it compared as well.

The verses, where the song drops down to just the drums, with a more-spoken word vocal line (actually it is sung, but not in a way that is immediately describable as 'singing') really bugged me. Simply because it reminded me of the Pixies, and it took me ages to remember.

The more I listened to the vocals the more I could hear many other different and varied bands, such as the Def Leppard "Animal"-esque "I...Don't...Know...How you Feel...Anymore...And I Don't". This comparison is purely in delivery technique and style, not in the actual sound of the vocals - just before you ask.

As I mentioned earlier "Celebrate" could quite easily have been a Mansun track. I think most people know what Mansun sound like, so I don't need to go on any more. Of the two though, this second track was probably my favourite, just.

Better, more polished and has better song writing than a number of CDs I've received; but still has a lot of work to do. However, I get the feeling someone may take a risk on these boys and it could pay off - the sound is pretty infectious, even with the various comparisons.



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