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Some Nights by Fun.

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Reviewed on 5th May 2012.


Some Nights

By Fun.

There are few bands with a name that completely and utterly reflects their sound right down to every word sung and every note played. Fun., who hail from New York, are one of those bands with such a name. From the bombastic opening intro that surprisingly steps into Queen territory with it's layered harmonies, to the huge sing along chorus of lead single 'We Are Young', everything about this band and their sophomore effort Some Nights will most likely be able to give even the most cynical of people a sense of joy and, well, downright fun.

The music of Some Nights carries a poppy feel, but manages to not sound too sugary sweet and clean cut. Such a sound is hard to achieve without leaning too much in one direction or the other, but Fun. manage it well. The closest comparison somebody could make is Panic! At The Disco; songs are undeniably catchy, filled with electronic beats and lavish orchestral instrumentation. Track 'Carry On', one of the records more down tempo numbers, is a perfect example of this. Starting with gently strummed acoustic chords and piano, the song soon blows up into a humongous chorus belted by the impressive voice of vocalist Nate Ruess, whose range and power is matched by few in the scene.

If you were to try and pick a highlight from this collection of finely crafted songs, it may just be 'All Alright', the album's other more down tempo moment. The song boasts the kind of hook you can imagine being blared over mainstream radio, but never strays into "guilty pleasure" territory.

Closer 'Stars' is the only head-scratcher on the album, and not the giant conclusion the previous nine tracks would have you hope for. Ruess sings through a vocoder throughout the nearly the entire track, with... interesting results, to the say the least.

Despite a slight trip at the last hurdle, Fun. have crafted an album worthy of applause. It's essentially a pop rock album with a huge, loveable heart, and one that manages to walk the fine line between "downright cheese" and "taking itself way too seriously." There's even a chance the most cold hearted of people will crack a smile while listening to this collection of bliss filled songs; even if they are ashamed to let it show.



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