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Reviewed on 14th May 2012.



By Yuck

When Yuck first emerged with their debut, self-titled album just last year, they were credited for their very 90's-esque sound, brilliant for people who fondly remember the music of the 90's, and also for a younger generation who live in an era of Gaga's and Riri's. Being a big fan of Yuck's debut, naturally, I was very excited when I heard a new single had emerged online.
Their previous work has been described as the love child of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. With new single "Chew", the band seem to have managed to maintain the Dino. Jr feel while embodying a Smashing Pumpkins vibe and injecting a cool jet of modern noise. The distorted bass line that opens the track gives an immediate heavy sound to the song, not often seen in Yuck's music. Enter the multi-layered, fuzzy guitar, which is soon accompanied by a brilliant lead guitar, which is apparent throughout most of the track. The vocal work of front man Daniel Blumberg is simple, but extremely effective, with a very prominent reverb effect, building on the 90's shoegaze/noise rock feel to the track.

"We chew it together", is the only lyric of the incredibly simple, 2 chord chorus, once again, reminiscent of a magical era in music. Simple song writing that is catchy enough to be running through your mind for the rest of the day, if not week. The chorus again features a lead guitar line creating a more layered feel, adding to the whole experience.

The song wraps up with a wave of feedback, wailing away to a fade. A section of the noise sounds like it was sampled straight out of the Dinosaur Jr track "Don't" from their 1988 album "Bug" (A must own for any fan of 90's alternative rock), which can be forgiven as it sounds perfect in this situation.

Although it is very refreshing to hear a modern band try to create the sound of the 90's, it can bring about a feeling of "heard it all before". There is nothing about this single that evokes the feeling of fresh new sounds or trying new things, which can be a worrying thing for a band that's imminent to release more new material. It leaves me wondering if Yuck might be a one trick pony. However, it's a fantastic trick, and by all means, I hope they can deliver an album that encapsulates the same feeling of this track.

Bravo Yuck, welcome back the 90's.

PS: Great artwork!



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