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Untitled by Heroes for Sale

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Reviewed on 1st February 2001.



By Heroes for Sale

I will say right at the beginning that this CD gets steadily worse as it goes along. It starts off in the average-to-good category, a mixture of punk-metal but unfortunately peters off, with the last two live tracks not too inspiring to say the least.

"Dream Come True" kicks the CD off with almost a punk attitude alongside fuzz-metal-based guitar riffs; the vocals aren't too bad, but I've heard better and the best part is the chorus which shows the most promise of the whole CD.

"A Country Named Doug" begins with a drum and then a bass intro, before we get some more metal guitar riffs. This is a touch slower that its predecessor, and its clearer to see the songs structure. The downpoint is that the vocals become more apparent, and they don't really do themselves justice. All in all, its ok but nothing to write home about.

Metal. Live metal. Poor metal. Just about sums up "Panhandle" I think; is there something about this genre that means that you only play one chord for long periods? One minute and 30 seconds in sees the first change of chord, coinciding with the beginning of the chorus.

"12", another live track, closes of the CD, features a decent guitar intro, and is a return to the style shown within the opening track. It shows more of a punk-metal ethic, but once again whilst it is generally ok it is let down vocally and doesn't leave much for the listener to actually "listen" to.

To close, I think that Heroes for Sale do themselves no favours by trying to be "metal". They sound much better when they are doing more punk-orientated stuff. However, their insistence for sneaking metal influences into their music produces a less-than-desirable end product.



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On 7th January 2013 at 15:39 Anonymous 43275 wrote...

Fair. Shame they didn't take your advice and went more metal than punk.



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