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Boy Racer by A Plastic Rose

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Reviewed on 2nd July 2012.


Boy Racer

By A Plastic Rose

With a brief check of the guitar, the song bursts into life, with a massive snare drum fill and the heaviest distortion tone the band can muster. A huge wall of aggression and volume is present from the off, and the powerful dynamics are aptly accompanied by a wailing tone in the guitar melody.

Snarling vocals enter to a backdrop of creeping half-time rhythm, with a sudden reduction in volume. An animated bass riff entwines with the drums to create an ominous presence, and the squealing guitar adds to the eerie texture of the music. However, as soon as tension is built, the bridge launches into a bouncing melody ripe with dotted rhythms, giving a cheeky indie kick and a welcome contrast in atmosphere. Repetitive two-word lines are used throughout the track, and while effective in enforcing and imprinting earworms, further development in the lyrics could enhance the track, and reduce any ennui created.

The chorus is an epic reprise of the introduction, with bold, strong vocals. A slick transition into straight time is heard, and the contrasting dynamics add to the power of the chorus. The track has a strong anthemic feel, with great sing-along potential. However, the call-and-response aspects between the lead guitar and vocals retain harmony, and the chorus strikes a great balance between a full, broad sound and the bouncy, tongue-in-cheek feel of a classic pop song.

The middle-eight section refreshes the distinctive elements of the track; the short and catchy earworms, double-beat rhythmic brashness and full-tone distortion. However, it adds a great deal more substance and gives a real edge to the anthem. It builds to a grand climax through a large crescendo, ending with a huge breakdown returning to half-time. The song is topped off with aggressive and gritty guitars, duelling in a bassy chordal harmony, and a brief sustain precedes another vast drop back into the breakdown to end the track on a gigantic note.

This track is a fantastic introduction to this Belfast alt-rock quartet, and contains all the key features of a powerhouse anthem. It is well produced and contains a great balance, giving a full tone and a rich sound. They play the Cockpit on the 13th July, and I am eager to hear a lot more from this promising young band. If the rest of their set is as lively as this, they will make a fantastic live act also.



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