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Blue Waves by Drums Of Death

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Reviewed on 2nd July 2012.


Blue Waves

By Drums Of Death

"Who is that nutter in the facepaint?" was my first thought when I saw Drums of Death almost exactly a year ago DJing at Beatherder festival. I soon got my answer. A top quality high energy techno DJ who goes berserk behind the wheels of steel. I returned home and enjoyed the vocal styling of the 'Generation Hexed' album and have been following the 'Waves' EP trilogy, of which this is the final part.

I'm going to jump straight into my undoubted favourite track on the EP, the wonderful piano led banger that is 'Let no Shadow Fall Upon You'. It ticks all the 90s rave boxes. Big piano line? Check. Big bass drop? Check. Big distorted vocal sample? Check. If this isn't huge this summer I'll eat my hat. I can hardly stop dancing around long enough to write this review; easily my top dancefloor tune of the year so far.

Drums of Death isn't all about straight up club classics though; the variety of his production is in evidence in just this single EP. 'Life in the Machine' starts like a sci-fi epic, with a looped vocal sample and then drums kicking in. It builds to an almighty crescendo before breaking down with a driving bass line that should get even the most hipster techno fan nodding their heads.

The third track is 'Transistor Rhythm' and again we are treated to something a little different. Just a shade slower this is more of a grinding house track with a searing melody. Closing out the EP is 'Waves City.' The pianos are back but this time to a wonderfully luxurious intro. The track has a real oldschool 808 sound without sounding dated. It is the sort of track where you hear something new each time you listen to it; a fitting end to the EP and trilogy.

Just in case you didn't spot it in the review, I bloody love this EP. If you're a long term fan this is a must purchase. If you've never listened to Drums of Death but like your electronic music, smart innovative and varied, then you've been missing out and now is the time to get in on the act!



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On 2nd July 2012 at 20:44 Katriona Gilmour wrote...

Absolutely spot on! I saw DOD at Nation Of Shopkeepers last year...massive fan!!



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