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Hello Lazarus by Hello Lazarus

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Reviewed on 24th July 2012.


Hello Lazarus

By Hello Lazarus

Several months ago I stumbled upon Hello Lazarus and their pre-release teaser on YouTube. I was suitably impressed, enough for me to search out a gig. They just happened to be playing at The Northern Monkey a few weeks later... Bonus! It would have been rude not to! Already an owner of this EP, it was an easy review for me.

Hello Lazarus is a combination of 3 Bristol based boys who are making a beautiful and thunderous noise. From the first track, Adore/Implore, introduces the boys (Adam, Luke and Sean) as a skilled trio. They hit you with a full on guitar looped assault and a dominating drum beat, displaying elements of early Kasabian. I can sense a little Foo Fighters influence and topped off with a sprinkle of Biffy Clyro at their best. So it's all good!

You are then gently eased into the second track, X Marks, with a slightly softer sound and a certain tenderness to the vocal. It instantly draws you in, empathising, with one man's dogged determination to get the girl. Could the metaphor of the 'crows nest' be a view across a nightclub...a beautiful girl that catches his eye? But you get the sense, that following his success, he is left broken....This is a girl he will not forget! The riffs build to a mid-point high that slowly descends into bittersweet memories, 'your mark, engraved on me', delivering a weighty, almost angry, angst ridden climax.

You are then thrown back into a heavier sound 'Before the Lies', which conjures emotional pictures of an all consuming first love and the need to feed off their energy. Pleading to you with impassioned lyrics like...'All I wanted was to breathe your air'. The loops on this are ridiculously infectious and Hello Lazarus ignite an exciting and lustful appetite for some pure unadulterated rock, before cutting you off dead and dropping you into the final track.

'Ride and Seek' tips the scales for me, towards a classic anthemic track. It has moments of brilliance, with full-on thrashing drums and a hard bass, before hitting a delightful peak. I love the idea that this could be about escaping and 'hiding in the undergrowth'. Closing with the final lines, 'We are here, we are now, we are falling under.' This all makes sense, when reading Hello Lazarus' insight into their EPs influence. These are tales of love, loss and infatuation, interspersed, or more so punctuated, with alcohol fuelled nights out. Who couldn't relate to that?

I enjoyed this so much (in case you couldn't tell), that I have installed this as a current drive time fixture, much to the amusement of my fellow motorists. But be warned...The only way to listen to this is LOUD!! And when played at the appropriate volume, this CD gives rise to involuntary head bobbing, impromptu steering wheel drumming and sporadic foot tapping throughout. It is a great EP, well produced and well balanced. A clean production, but live, these boys are great and have a real raw quality. My only disappointment, this is only 4 songs, I want more!! When's the album out lads?



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