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1 Seed. No Leeches by Curry Quiche

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Reviewed on 14th August 2012.


1 Seed. No Leeches

By Curry Quiche

As bizarre as their name suggests, Curry Quiche, (allegedly) formed over a take-away, are 5 boys from Rotherham, telling their own rather intriguing tales. I have to say it took a few listens, but this is roller coaster of a journey, not an instant hit, but a bit of a grower.

The first track, A Social Barrier Thing, makes a bold and interesting start to this 13 track CD. It is loud and brash punk-rock, with echoes of The Clash and shades of Cage The Elephant. Daze Before the Storm has a different 70s style feel, with some nice acoustics and well handled rhythms, merging well into Dry Handkerchief, which ventures into some gentle percussion. Relatively relaxed, Curry Quiche then drop on you, Phonaphobia! A dirty, grimy, punk-tastic track with a Ska beat, talking of the Human Race losing control.

Then a distinct tempo change and time for a gentle, 40 seconds of head stroking, with a musical Intermission, before they take your hand and lead you through an eerie and psychedelic Canklow Wall. This shows their variety as musicians, but is not as intense as the first few tracks. I am much more impressed by the punky stuff like the Retail Song, a raucous and rabid venting of emotions, relating to forced-down-your-throat advertising, delivered with a tongue-in-cheek realism. These boys are not making a political stand, or trying to be clever, just observations, served with a spoonful of northern wit.

That said, the standout track, The End Will Be Televised, has a gentle piano intro and a sound of 'My Best Friend's Girl' by The Cars. It shows the tamer side to Curry Quiche, whilst tackling the need for glorification and intrusive voyeurism that surrounds every major world event. On a less serious note, 1 Seed. No Leeches, is rounded off with the catchy, Reggae Man Sez, before nicely closing with the psychedelia inspired Blue Lagoon.

Love it or hate it (and I quite like it!), Curry Quiche's mish-mash of punk influenced, grimy rock, indie experimental, ska tinged noise is quite possibly one of the most inventive things and crazy things I have heard of late. It is a chaotic, raw and raucous amalgamation of musical influence from the last 40 years. It is not perfect or polished, but this is part of the appeal. However, it is a little disjointed in parts and too long, I think 10 tracks would have been better.



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