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Idaho by Feeder

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Reviewed on 16th August 2012.



By Feeder

Wow, I leave Feeder alone for ten years and they're still making the same record. I imagine this is what it'll be like for me when I attend those dreaded school reunions in not-so-many years time...

"So what are you doing Martha?"
"Well, I have three children, I'm happily married and I work in the fashion industry"
"Fantastic! What about you Daniel?"
"Not much really. But I've got property coming out of my arse and I drive a Ferrari..."
"Excellent! And you Russell, what shenanigans are you getting up to these days?"
"Well Sir, what haven't I been getting up to! I'm still in the same job that makes my stomach tie itself in knots every morning, I still write godawful lyrics in a dark corner of my room, I'm still fucking about with glue guns and yes, I'm still pretending I don't care about having children."

I used to love Feeder. There was a time when all I listened to was dreary, dreadful indie fare, and Feeder were my edgy rock side, my head-banging heroes. Seriously, that's how M.O.R I was. Indeed, my second ever gig was Feeder. It was at what has since become my favourite venue, the Manchester Apollo. I loved it, I loved them, I spent all my money on merch and went to school the next day with the sole aim of showing those Oasis fans that there was a new band in town: FEEDER. Things started to wane a little when they introduced the pretty gentle and mum-happy album 'Comfort In Sound', understandable however, considering the tragic circumstances that surrounded it. Another year flew by. I started to change my musical interests just to appease girls I had crushes on. Papa Roach, yes! Limp Bizkit, yes! Westlife, yes! Feeder? Well, I kinda just forgot about them....

Alas, nearly a decade later and LMS brings them back into my life. Would it be an unwanted reunion, or the ex you still have feelings for? That familiar opening riff, oh how I've missed her! That nonsensical, make it rhyme shit lyric, come back to me! The quiet-loud dynamic? 3 flowers from Tesco! Those nauseating backing vocals, wearing thin, but she's still got her smile! The predictable chorus, she's starting to go on a bit now. The middle breakdown, ahhh this isn't going to work...she's talking about graphic design on coffee menus again.

In the words of Grant Nicholas himself; I'm going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends.



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