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Tower Of Song by Tom Jones

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Reviewed on 17th August 2012.


Tower Of Song

By Tom Jones

I get the feeling that all that pomp and sexy reputation doesn't really go down well with Thomas. The last time we saw him he was trying to get groovy on The Voice. In what has become one of the most hilarious pieces of TV in recent years, Tom, William, the abominable Jessie J and that guy whose features are far too close together on his face performed one of the single worst cover versions of all time, managing to not only destroy U2's 'Beautiful Day', but inadvertently better it. For all the wrong reasons.

Yes, Tom has always seemed a little embarrassed of his burdening stereotype. In fact, he seems far more at home concentrating on more sombre and subtle numbers, and here we see him putting his own not-so-brash touch to Leonard Cohen's 'Tower Of Song'. I've never really got on with Leonard Cohen. He's alright to me, not essential; maybe I'm just not cool enough. I just get the impression that 85% of the people who say they like him actually never really listen to him. See Johnny Cash. There's a strange enigma that surrounds the appeal of something so seemingly 'drab', but we seem to get off on it. Nothing is ever fun and that's the way we like it, and that's the way we're used to it.

Tom is great here. There's no OTT bravado, just an almost spoken word run through that doesn't really drift too far from Cohen. It's nice enough and shows that despite his age Jones is still relevant, if not essential. Ten, fifteen years ago or so he did a covers album that was pretty much him pratting around with friends/ labelmates doing a few novelty numbers and hitting the higher reaches of the singles chart as a result, garnering him with an unfortunate cult reputation among the student population of today. This won't sell as many records, but I bet my life he's more comfortable with it.

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