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Whatever You've Got by The Proclaimers

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Reviewed on 23rd August 2012.


Whatever You've Got

By The Proclaimers

I'll be honest, Craig and Charlie have got a pretty good deal out of this. First and foremost, and utterly ignorant on my behalf, I expected this to be completely awful. It isn't, it's far from awful. It's a nice little acoustic number that builds up into something so baroque it could be The Divine Comedy.

The fact I lowered my expectations before I actually heard the track does not only make me a bad man, but it probably exaggerates my enjoyment of the song. But there you go. There's actually a couple of decent and talented songwriters behind the novelty mask . To be fair to the boys I've had a cheeky listen to the album that this is taken from ('Like Comedy') and 'Whatever You've Got' is probably one of the processional songs on there. Had I been handed 'Spinning Around In The Air' then we'd maybe be looking at a 4-star review, alas that song is irrelevant to this piece of bluster. Never stopped me before, mind.

There's plenty of things better than this. Matty Blair's winning offside goal vs Luton, eating a Chinese meal for three to yourself and 17 year old Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina to name three. But every so often, if you don't look for it, a nice surprise will come along and tickle you until your pessimism becomes a subtle and composed bliss.

I proclaim a hoot.



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The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers are a Scottish band composed of twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reid

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