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The Clock by The View

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Reviewed on 30th August 2012.


The Clock

By The View

It's taken me two weeks to write this review. Why? Because I couldn't think of anything to say. We're all human. A man once said you're only as good as what you work with. I'm not sure who he was (probably Alan Hansen or Gareth Southgate or someone equally as inspirational) but fuck me, he isn't wrong. The problem with this is that it leaves me feeling numb. There's nothing there. It goes in one ear and out of the other. It doesn't move me, it doesn't motivate me, hell it doesn't even anger me. Nothing, not even a hint of a natural emotion....other than clear and incessant apathy and boredom. Why? Because it's a fucking indie ballad.

Oh, the indie ballad. That fourth single from a few albums into a band's career. That little something that fools journalists into acclaiming something because it sounds a bit different from everything else they've done because they robbed a record company executive and paid for an orchestra. When it's done well, it's beautiful. When it's done bad, it's the worst thing ever. When it's done like this, erm, it's just done. It's just there. Existing.

And this is why I'm uncomfortable with reviewing quite well known bands. Like it even matters...but there's always some king-wanker fan of the year merchandise prick that accuses the writer of having a "personal vendetta" against said band. Well here's the disclaimer; I always found The View a rather charming set of shambolic kids, nothing too special but with a clear criteria for making music for the enjoyment of it rather than selling a shitload (eg, Coldplay and Rihanna's toe curling crime of a song). They disappeared a bit, but they looked like they had a good time. A far better time than they're having now by the sound of 'The Clock' ("the clock has no sympathy/ the clock's had its way with me"). Blimey, it's all gone a bit Hank Williams.

The Clock needs some new batteries.



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