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St. Somebody : This is what happened when I met St Somebody, who are Rob, Ben, Arley and Abeeku, 4 young lads from Halifax. I wanted to find out a little more about them and to discuss their 3rd single release, 'Places', available now on bandcamp for the measly sum of 1.50. It's bloody good so go buy it! There is a real sense of fun and unity with the band, the guys are obviously close and like each others company. All the way through there was jibes and giggles and chat outside of the questions. Some printable and some not! So this is what I can publish....

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Published on 8th September 2012.


St. Somebody

This is what happened when I met St Somebody, who are Rob, Ben, Arley and Abeeku, 4 young lads from Halifax. I wanted to find out a little more about them and to discuss their 3rd single release, 'Places', available now on bandcamp for the measly sum of 1.50. It's bloody good so go buy it! There is a real sense of fun and unity with the band, the guys are obviously close and like each others company. All the way through there was jibes and giggles and chat outside of the questions. Some printable and some not! So this is what I can publish....

So what is your Inspiration for 'Places'?

Rob - It's song about my girlfriend. That's an adolescent thing to say...it's a love song but not in so many words. I'd like to think it's deeper and more abstract than that.

Is this your first love?
Rob - Yeah I'd say so. Arley won't even tell his girlfriend he loves her!

Arley - [A little embarrassed] I do, I say it on the phone, just I say it quietly!!

Abeeku - [Laughing] He'll say it when he's on his own.

Arley - Anyway the single...

Where did you write it?

Rob - I was just at in a room at home relaxing, playing the piano and the guitar. I like to write about stuff that means something. But it's kind of weird 'cos it's like a year old...but it felt like the right time to get it out there.

What genre do you place yourselves in? How do you see yourselves?

Rob - Kind of indie...our tunes are indie-pop but it kind of doesn't really exist any more.

Arley - Indie alternative...

Abeeku - Indie pop but it's a big umbrella to sit under.

You sound a bit like the Futureheads doing Kate Bush, mixed with a little Sound of Guns. But I can hear a softer kind of indie and I know you like the Maccabees and that influence is evident.

Rob. Yeah I suppose, I saw the Sound of Guns once, but they wear too much black [all laugh]. But we're not brit-pop.

What do you hope following this single release?

Rob - Some nice words would be good!!! [Big smile and a little cheeky hint?]

I might struggle on that one?! [Laughs and makes notes!!]

Rob - We really wanted to give it away for free, but being in a band can be very expensive. It was a tough decision because we want everyone to hear it.

But with the internet and YouTube, people will hear it and fan videos from gigs.

I had prepared a few questions, but didn't know what to ask, so I let the boys choose. So I hid the questions in a set of drawers which I put on the table... these raised a few eyebrows as I asked St Somebody to delve in to my drawers!!

 Katriona Gilmour

Arley was not so shy and the first one to delve in straight for the bottom!

What makes you angry?

Arley - I work in a shop so when I'm serving someone and they are talking on their phone, that gets me angry, so I refuse to serve them!

Abeeku - Aerosmith, you know the band that everyone like sings a lot, like rock ballads and Bon Jovi!! They're both the same.

Ben - I don't really get annoyed... I am really calm and level headed.

Rob - Arley gets me angry! I think we are alike, he's like my prodigy.

Arley - I'm not even gonna respond to that!

Rob - Racism gets me angry, ignorance and intolerance...

I sense a little pent-up aggression?

Rob - Is this going to turn in to a therapy session, I'll be crying in the corner at the end and I'll have to pay you a really large sum of money? But I only have 14p!

So I'm going to go now...[Jokes]
What is the most unusual Fan post or comment?

Abeeku - Oh, it was at the cockpit a few weeks ago [they all look at each other] and some guy didn't have enough money to buy one of our t-shirts, so he thought he'd make his own. He wrote 'St Somebody' on it in marker and then had some really peculiar comments on it. Like 'the drummer is so black he's white'... it was baffling really, good fun but I questioned whether it was a real person!!

Humor is all subjective I suppose, like this set up... and these drawers!! It seemed like a good idea when I thought about it!! Talking of which, you do realise you guys are roaming in to virgin territory and no one has ventured in to these drawers yet....

Rob - When will the innuendo stop... but this is quite lucky for us... look at his face [to Abeeku]

Abeeku - I am in a good place, I'm gonna play some drums... [This is a pre-gig, very cheeky smile].

You get your dream gig at Leeds arena, who are you supporting?

Ben - [All looking at each other but it's unanimous] It's The Maccabees; we are all really in to them.

Rob - it's about the 10th time I've seen them.

Abeeku - Me and Rob met a few of them, one kissed me on the cheek! I was quite intoxicated and fell over, the security guard was like looking on, but it was ok.

[Rob Picks]

Tell me what scares you?

Rob - When I'm not in control of things... like the single release. I'll moan about it, but I like control then I know it's done and I'm not worrying about it. Like there are people in the world I can I rely on and three of them are sat here - apart from Arley [jokes]. But yeah lack of control...

Ben - Not too much... People touching my neck... it's personal space!

A bit of an odd one, that could cause a few issues..

Arley - Gas masks, can't do with people in gas masks and those old scuba divers helmets, they are really awful. In a dark room, I'd be horrified you can't defend yourself, if you hit them in the face you'd break your wrist!!

Rob - And horror films. Not like a 12 year old girl, but tried to watch one last year, a film called The Strangers with a load of mates who were really digging it, trying to be as masculine as possible, but really didn't like it.

Abeeku - Clowns... I don't like 'em, it's immoral!

Scarred as a child.

Abeeku - There was one in a James bond film it came out of the woods [shudders]. Just scary!!!

Arley - [interrupts] He used to stare at Michael Jackson and cry as a kid [Abeeku shakes his head but doesn't deny it!]

What has been your favorite gig to date?

Rob - That's a good question! That one in Bradford. It was pretty insane really. We were quite young and had only been in a band a few months. We turned up and there were wall-to-wall ladies dancing to us, and they were, well, intoxicated! And decided that we were the best thing since sliced bread and really gave it some. Which was fun!

Arley - Not groupies, they just thought we were cute.

Rob - [To Arley] Well you're cute!

Arley - Chubby and cute!

Abeeku - Most recent gig at the cockpit, our Futuresound gig at the Cockpit. It's about the first time I've come off stage from out behind the drum kit...

Rob - Did you really? I've never seen you behind the drum kit.

Abeeku - I just stood up and the applause was still going on. I can see the first three rows of people and then this black space where you couldn't see 'owt and the there were people clapping at the back.

Rob - We were up against Two Trick Horse, Bell Tower Union and the Covelles. I used be in a band with their drummer when I was about 11, playing Darkness covers! 'I believe in a thing called love' was probably my favorite song for about a year. Yeah, but that was a really good gig, in terms of the sound was great.

Arley - I don't think we've played a gig where it were like shoulder to shoulder, no gaps like the whole room was full.

Rob - We gig quite a lot on the local scene. Yeah but as of 3 days ago Arley can drive [The band all cheer!!]. So we've not been able to gig many places. We have pockets of fans that come to local gigs, but we had ages to plug it so we had like 80 people there. All the people came to random gigs were all there. And then there were fans for the other bands, their fans were brilliant, not stood at the bar drowning you out chatting. A lot of people were like Futuresound... oh yeah, but 4 for 4 great bands, bargain. Who wants to pay 60 for Coldplay when you can support your local scene and pay 1 a band?! Leeds is great, it has got a great scene and we're from Halifax which died on its arse about 1970!

Abeeku - Oh and yeah, first gig we played, Ben wasn't in the band, we played drums and two acoustic guitars. We supported Arley's dad's rockabilly band. Get thrown into this gig, it was a tiny pub we played in the corner and everyone was like 'we can't hear'. It was mental rammed full of people. We had four songs that we played 4 times over...it was mental.

Arley - Every one was so beautiful and we played Ego by the Saturdays.

What was the first album you bought and do you still listen to it?

Abeeku - Sgt Pepper by the Beatles, was a gift. But I went to the Cavern Club and bought a reggae playlist CD 'cos it had a Popeye picture on and I do still listen to it; really good album.

Arley - I had 3. Oasis, Definitely Maybe. Everyone's first favorite guitar band. I'd have loved to been Noel Gallagher.
The others were Limp Bizkit and Avril Lavigne. Complicated was the best song on that album.

Rob - Mine was System of a Down. I went to see them with my good friend Freddie and his dad, who you could tell was not having a good time. Yeah I went through this big kind of Metal phase for ages. I was a mosher at school. Social paradigms did not accept me. I still listen to it.

Ben - Mine was sadly Good Charlotte's first album and, the same as Arley, Avril Lavigne!

How do you relax?

Ben - Social Media and Games. There a few that eat up my time up, like Minecraft and zombie killing ones.

Rob - Like to say something really cool like play Jazz LPs but no. Er, social networking like trying to figure out what to put on the band page so people pay attention to us. I play with anything! Grandma bought me a ukulele before I went to uni. I want to learn how to play the violin too; I like the idea of it being painful. I used to cry when I played the guitar, I didn't want to practice, or play my pieces. But I am glad I did 'cos if I hadn't done that I wouldn't have a social life.

Arley - I order things off Amazon to relax. Other people have a laptop and go on Facebook... I go on Amazon and buy stuff, like yesterday at 1 in the morning so I ordered a book about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, a sketchbook, that's cute! And while I was doing that I thought I might as well order a starwars t- shirt that takes 30 days to arrive. So I'm gonna stand and wait for the postman.

Abeeku - I like films, French (movies)... I just like films and I read political manifestos, these don't find it very interesting. Well, Rob does. He's in tune with me.

Rob - I'll take a manifesto into the bath.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Rob - Apart from this conversation... like really laugh? I dunno, I think it's South Park. It really makes me laugh all the time. I'm really in to cartoons, it was the one where Cartman decides to enter the special Olympics and Jimmi takes steroids and Timmi has to explain this using only the word Timmi, which I find really funny! And the Simpsons.

Ben - I was laughing at these guys on the way in the car talking nonsense and I really belly laughed at a leather backpack with sessions on it.

Arley - I laugh at a lot of things that aren't funny. I can't remember, but like in the car journey... I can't explain it. Oh and shoes, like steel-toe capped shoes. Just people in bad shoes!

I laughed a lot and had a great afternoon chatting to the guys in one of our favourite spots, The Adelphi. So that's the boys...you will find them playing in and around Yorkshire, catch them if you can. Next gig is 360 Club at the Library Hyde Park on 28th September. Get on it!!



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