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From 1 to 8 by Pino Forastiere

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Reviewed on 12th September 2012.


From 1 to 8

By Pino Forastiere

Guitar Chemistry at its very best.

Affectionately known as the 'mad scientist' of acoustic guitar by fans, Forastiere cradles his
guitar, hunched over it, utterly engrossed. His own blend of finger style, classical and a heavy influence from his Italian roots creates truly beautiful, haunting music. 'Scientist' has very apparent connotations of a clinical, cold approach, none of which will be found in Forastiere's music.

While he has most certainly mastered his instrument technically, Forastiere has never left musicality trailing behind as an afterthought. This, dare I say, is a trait all too prevalent in some modern finger style guitar player's music. He perfectly balances popular techniques such as guitar tapping and a heavy emphasis on composition and musicality, which truly comes across in this Tour-De-Fretboard of an album. Songs such as 'Studio No.3' show technical mastery and crowd pleasing techniques whilst retaining the inherent beauty found in all of his works. Other pieces like 'Studio No.5' have a much heavier influence from classical music, soaring, elegant dissonance gradually resolved with a hint of jazz. Simply naming the pieces by Studio numbers was, in my opinion, an excellent choice.

The pieces stand on their own; each has such a distinct personality that song names are not needed to invoke any emotion to the listener. I would argue that Pino has given us one of the best solo acoustic albums to come out of the trend in recent years, and that's saying something.

For fans of: Andy Mckee, Antoine Dufour.



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