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DREDD 3D by Paul Leonard-Morgan

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Reviewed on 25th September 2012.



By Paul Leonard-Morgan

Paul Leonard-Morgan, BAFTA award winning soundtrack composer, arranger and producer returns to the big-screen with his score for Dredd. Having previously composed for the BBC's hit drama Spooks and the Robert de Niro 2011 hit Limitless amongst many other projects, Leonard-Morgan certainly has great credentials, but can he overcome the challenges of writing for a futuristic, sci-fi, comic book classic?

Leonard-Morgan's heavy use of synths and fx throughout the score really succeed in conjuring up images of a futuristic, industrial wasteland. The soundscapes that he has created for this futuristic world are impressive, and his experimentation with new sounds and software provides viewers and listeners with a completely different audio experience to most soundtracks.

As expected in film scores, some of the tracks serve principally to support the visual image, but this doesn't reflect poorly on the overall experience of the soundtrack. Although the soundtrack doesn't have an abundance of thematic material, the grungy synth sound and dance beats, teamed with the few themes that feature, provide the soundtrack with enough continuity.

The best thing about Leonard-Morgan's soundtrack to Dredd is its re-listenability: something that is not easily achieved. Leonard-Morgan's method in creating the soundtrack, and his talent as a composer, ensures that it remains just as interesting on the 10th listen as on the first.

No matter what style of music you like, if you enjoy listening to interesting, new music, then you are sure to find this score enjoyable. I place it amongst my 'top soundtracks of 2012' list, and for the quality of the craftsmanship, I'd even go as far as saying 'of all time'.



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