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Gig review of Feeds + The Wax Collection + Jonny Quits + Orange Pulp

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Reviewed on 11th November 2012.



Live at The Library on Friday, 26th October 2012

Orange Pulp - These guys love garage rock. They smash out their set with a vaguely arrogant panache, including both melodic, slow build ups and huge emphatic choruses. The riffs paid homage to The Black Keys, however they just couldn't seem to enthral me. They seemed to enjoy their music, but the energy on stage just wasn't enough to excite me, or make me want to go straight home and find their music. Some definite good points in their musical tightness, but lacked that special something to make them more appealing than a regular garage rock outfit.

Jonny Quits - Kings Of Leon style hair, soaring vocals and funk rock drums made Jonny Quits an interesting prospect. They managed to showcase slow and fast songs without many a hitch, however technical difficulties, including a guitar change and pedal break, meant that their set had a disjointed feel to it. Their song 'My Helper' however, was a real chance for the singer to show off his range, a chance which he happily took! Their songs echoed old-style American rock bands such as Kings Of Leon and Eagles Of Death Metal, and the three piece's tightness made them a band I was quite happy to watch. If I was to give them any advice, it would be to emphasise their slower, more melodic songs, as those were the ones which were far more appealing.

The Wax Collection - LOVE. THESE. KIDS. These were my personal bread and butter. They mixed acoustic with electric, big sing-along choruses with quiet, tense breakdowns, and lyrics that overflowed with northern cheek and sensibilities. They alternated lead vocals and guitar lines, and both the frontmen were easily adaptable to either role. Their song 'Dig' was a highlight of the show, both the singers in unison showcasing their voices perfectly together. They were incredibly tight, and reminded me a lot of a young Oasis. But with seemingly better attitudes. I really enjoyed their performance, and immediately went to find them online straight after. Even though their online presence wasn't as huge as I expected, they do have amazing potential, and their tunes can be describes in one word: feelgood.

Feeds - Tightest band of the night. Their songs were anthemic indie pop, which were all obviously well thought out and incredibly well performed. The band are far more established than the others, with their songs boasting structure and passion incomparable with their relative age in the business.

Their dance - inspiring song 'Tell Me Again' was a highlight of their extensive setł a bouncy chorus mixed with a passionate, Mumford & Sons-esque verse. The lads are obviously very talented, with the whole band capable of taking lead vocals at any point, and harmonising with consummate ease. These guys have a lot of potential, and that one killer song could be their shot at stardom.

Great prospects.



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