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Carbon Copies / This Life by Mutado Pintado

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Reviewed on 12th November 2012.


Carbon Copies / This Life

By Mutado Pintado

'This Life' is a song about "growing up on Cape Cod". Interesting concept, one which has given me an idea to write a song myself, a pretty little ditty about growing up on the mean streets of Stockton-on-the-Forest. It details all the key aspects I remember about growing up in one of the more hellish suburbs of York. For example, the time when we played jailhouse rules football on the local park and I ran home crying to my mother after taking a devilish hit while showcasing my plethora of 'guapa' skills. Remember it well, Kyle 'the hammer' Fletcher it was with a two elbowed lunge that left me with a bruise on my left eye the size of Vanessa Feltz's arse. Then there was the time when my brother smashed my TOCA Touring Cars PS1 game in a fit of rage at my inability to record Sunday afternoon WWF Heat on Channel 4. And of course the drugs. The cough syrup, the calpol. Those were the days.

That's for a later review though, also to be written by me. This Double A side is courtesy of Craig Louis Higgins Jr, aka 'Mutado Pintado'. The name sounds like an extremely average Portuguese footballer playing in defensive midfield for Braga, but essentially it's dirgey college rock being played with an acoustic guitar, dealing in kooky instrumentals, backing vocals and repetition. I'm not overkeen. It tries a bit too much to not care and slugs along like a legless drunk at kicking out time in the Batley Dog and Duck after an all night row with his literally toothless bird. 'Carbon Copies' kicks in at the end when it speeds up but then abruptly ends. The "on and on" refrain nicely accompanying such a lifeless tune. The hard theme of war ("send a letter to my baby cos I'm slipping away") lost behind a banal sense of over-normality, like his girlfriend won't even care if he's killed. It's all a bit depressing.

'This Life' is a lot better but still chugs away, burdened by a pining for nostalgia through a spoken word story about his youth. "We can't go on pretending/ that there's some kind of meaning" completely befitting of my mood. Pot-heads will like it, but unfortunately I'm sat with a cup of tea having just watched a Liverpool game after a particularly taxing day engaging with frighteningly soulless members of the general public. I need to be entertained.

This life ain't for me.

Mutado Pintado can be found on Soundcloud at: soundcloud.com/mutado-pintado



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