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Gig review of The Idol Dead + Further From The Truth + Luva Gunk

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Reviewed on 16th November 2012.


The Idol Dead

Live at The Library on Friday, 9th November 2012

After unfortunately missing the first band of the night, Beretta Suicide, it was refreshing to arrive at the 360 Club, a breeding ground for fresh young talent that is definitely becoming the best unsigned night in Leeds, to hear positive comments buzzing around the room. It is clear to see, Beretta Suicide are a band that get people talking and keep them talking throughout the night.

Leeds' Luva Gunk are next to the stage, a 4 piece alternative rock outfit that ooze confidence and look comfortable in the spotlight. Frontman Andy McKinnon makes no attempt to disguise his influences which range from the whining of Billy Corgan to the raw vocal quality of Kurt Cobain as he tears through the set. Although I have seen a million bands who take strong influence from Nirvana, the boys of Luva Gunk are original in their approach to the overall sound. Mixing bouncy bass lines with the great melodic riffs that come screaming out from guitarist Liam Gallagher, they really pack a punch in every track. The quartet bring their set to a close with a blistering finish that leaves our third band with a tough act to follow.

I'd love to say the third band to have the honour of applying their trade on the 360 stage has a glitch free set, however it couldn't be 'further from the truth'. With a series of technical difficulties it seems the female fronted heavy rock quartet is against it from the start. Once the band overcomes the setbacks they gather momentum quicker than an avalanche, as front woman Kat skulks around the stage, harvesting confidence and capturing the attention of every bloke in the room. Although this band have some very strong rock songs I can't help but feel Further From The Truth squeeze too many expletives into every song, something that I find distasteful and unlikable. The rest of the ensemble really hold things together throughout, and I take my hat off to guitarist James who shines with some excellent lead guitar work as bassist Craig and drummer Mark keep the Further From The Truth train right on course. As their time draws to an end things get boisterous as Kat surfs across the excited audience who eagerly pass her around the room. The final track of their set makes for a crowd pleaser, leaving the mass of people wanting more.

As the last few people cram into every possible space they can, our headline act psych themselves up for what looks like a sell-out gig. With an audience who are more than ready for anything The Idol Dead can throw at them, the band look confident side stage as the entrance music (a little cheesy for my liking) signals to the fans, most of whom are sporting The Idol Dead t-shirts, that they are ready to take to the stage. Smashing through their opener, this 5 piece heavy punk rock horror-show have buckets full of energy, especially frontman Polly who paces around like a caged animal clambering over equipment with an image that resembles Jonny Rotten. I believe it's the sheer confidence that this band possesses that has built the loyal fan base that is gathered around me, and although their music will never be my favourite, The Idol Dead have a certain charm that makes for an engrossing live performance and an overall good show.

My personal highlight of their set was a softer ballad type track titled 'I'm Drowning' in which the band invited guest vocalist, the talented Claire Cameron onto the stage and frontman Polly donned the acoustic guitar as the crowd pulled out lighters for a good old sing along. As the pace gets going again the energy is once again flowing by the bucket load, as the band steam through the final tracks, pulling out fan favourites, they really create a buzz among the followers that have come out to show their support on this cold November evening. With heavy riffs, sweet guitar solos, rugged vocals, powerful drums and technical bass lines it looks like The Idol Dead have an exciting and promisingly fun musical career ahead of them.



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On 19th November 2012 at 20:54 Anonymous 42735 wrote...

Sorry, was I at a totally different gig to you mate? Luva Gunk couldn't have been less well recieved if the room was empty. When the drummer has to come to the front of stage, twice, to try and get the crowd going, it's usually a sign that they're really not arsed about listening. Fact. And who goes to a rock gig and is offended by swearing??? Seriously?? Were you expecting a bible studies class? And as for the comments about FFTT.....can we all say - misogyny!!


On 12th December 2012 at 22:33 Anonymous 44971 wrote...

Well claires897, thank you for your input. However, I can't help but disagree. If you feel like you could do a better job, why don't you spend a little more of your time reviewing and less time arguing with other peoples views, you're clearly desperate to broadcast your opinion so do it in a way that actually helps people. It's a matter of opinion, if you can't deal with that, don't read reviews!



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