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Lonerism by Tame Impala

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Reviewed on 30th November 2012.



By Tame Impala

Lonerism is the dizzying result of Kevin Parker, leader of Australian band Tame Impala. Creating this masterpiece in both Perth and Paris, the outcome is very much a personal exploration as a sonic one. Shaped mostly alone in his room, and self-produced by David Fridmann this album is a welcome triumph.

This lonerism, like that of Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, or Elliott Smith, feels precariously genuine. For all the alienation implied by the album's continually warping and waving centre of gravity, there are colours here brighter than a child's watercolour rainbow.

"Gotta be above it," goes the whispered chant echoing through the opening track, as if Parker's psyching himself up for a sequel sure to be scrutinized by the hipsterati.

Steering away from the brilliant debut 'Innerspeaker', Parker's approach has most definitely matured. Sgt Pepper trips are turned to vanilla dreamscapes in soulful 'Music To Walk Home By' and hypnotic 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' delivers the knock-out punch.

Parker is already rebelling against the expectations that come with winning Album of the Year in Australia's Rolling Stone, sticking bubblegum piano riffs into "Apocalypse Dreams" whilst hitting notes higher than those even Mariah Carey can achieve.

Single 'Elephant' gives a slight peek into the power of Lonerism but does not fully bring justice to the album as a whole. With such carefully employed 60s grooves this is undoubtedly the stand out release of 2012.



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