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Tablet EP by katywithout

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Reviewed on 1st February 2001.


Tablet EP

By katywithout

Ahhhh, fuck. What the hell is that? After a few seconds of silence I was tempted to increase the volume on my speakers, little did I know that this was not a wise idea; the next thirty seconds were to be taken up with some chaotic, distorted and loud effects. Bloody hell, not at all what I expected!

Following this comes a nifty bass intro, which sounds not too dissimilar to Chemical Brothers' "Leave Home", which I believe in itself was lifted form elsewhere. The next few minutes continue with a theme based around this bass line, some interesting effects are occasionally thrown over the top, including the initial thirty second blast (albeit slightly toned down).

It's hard to describe an individual song, because it is made up of so many parts. Approaching the four-minute mark, the tempo lowers, with what sounds like some quiet gong-style effects ringing in the background, before the bass line comes in again, some more effects and we're back to before.

The only vocal line I can make it is the occasional use of the sample "The use of drugs is particularly harmful to today's youth".

A radio sample opens up the second track, followed by some weird foreign sample. A keyboard introduction continues, overlaid with even more effects, including what sounds like the noise you get whilst tuning in a radio. In fact, for the rest of the track that's all it is - tuning in a radio, but to a gentle soothing beat.

The nine-minute epic of "Either" is third on the track listing, and appears to be a continuation of "Patch 3/7", but without the radio. It features the same gentle keyboard sound, with odds and ends of guitar samples and other strange effects. The first real thing happens after four and half minutes, with some more distortion added over the top and a certain increase in the urgency of the keyboard, but it doesn't last for too long. Six minutes in sees focus added to the bass line, which is quite simple, yet draws you in. It's hard to take your attention away from it. Two minutes further on and the guitars get a turn to add their little touches of noise.

Track four, much shorter and untitled, begins with some pretty melodic guitars and bass. What a guitar based song? The tempo makes me believe this is simply an extension of "Either" but its much better in my opinion.

That's the description of the CD over and done with, but was it any good? It's hard to say, I enjoyed listening to the opening track "Tiko" and appreciate not only what it was trying to do, but also the many parts that made it up. I couldn't say too much about the other two tracks, as they varied very little throughout the song. They certainly weren't bad, but there was nothing there that'd make me want to play the track over and over, except for the fact they both create a relaxing atmosphere.

It's a pity really that I have nothing to compare the CD to, so that I can give a definitive answer on how well they stand up when placed next to the big boys. In fact, I don't even know who the "big boys" are, I've never heard anything like this before - unless, that's the whole point? Perhaps this is music for the future?

I do like it though, and am interested to see how it will work live. A live show, perhaps the addition of projections, would certainly add more to it, something that the CD alone cannot provide and fill those gaps that appear to be stuck in an endless loop - they may be less noticeable in a visual setting.

"This has been katywithout. If you enjoyed the experience, feel free to copy it. Pass it on" closes the CD.



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