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This Christmas by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 17th December 2012.


This Christmas

By Various Artists

As much as I love Christmas, the thought of hearing Noddy Holder shouting 'IT'S CHRIIIIIISTMAAAAAS!!', one more time, and I think I might just drop kick the radio!! Or, Mariah Carey telling me what she wants for Christmas, reduces me to the point of red mist and I am shouting 'MAKE IT STOP'!!! Year after year, the regurgitation the same old Christmas shite, is less welcome than Jimmy Savile running Santa's grotto.

So thank god for Anthologies and Hide & Seek, the saviours of Christmas tuuuuunnnnes! Undoubtedly responsible for the best Christmas cover song ever. Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles, doing the Muppets' 'It Feels like Christmas' last year, was a special moment, but I think they have exceeded themselves this year! They put together some of the most tired and overplayed Christmas songs, take out the cheese, add a healthy portion of Yorkshire talent and it's time for their Christmas album.

Bleak Midwinter used to send me into a cold sweat, after singing this at school, but Backyards have reignited my love of this once more. Dan Beesley & The S.S.S.S.S.'s version of 'Mistletoe and Wine' is nothing less than countrified magic and barely recognisable from the original. I never thought I would say this but, I LOVE 'MISTLETOE AND WINE'!!!

There is also the unmistakeable and beautiful voice of Ellen and the Escapades, who produce a stunning version of Little Saint Nick. Into the pure mental energy, of the Get Machine, Destroy! remix of Louis Armstrong's, Zat you, Santa Clause! Just brilliant!! I hope to see this dropped in to a few Christmas DJ sets in and around Leeds and this will used as my 'parent clearer' following Christmas dinner.

Fossil Collective do a better version of the Frankie goes to Hollywood classic, The Power of Love. For the record, they did it before that department store got hold of it! But my favourite tracks are from; Post War Glamour Girls, The Second Stave is just a beautiful song any time of year and The Birthday Kiss, who penned the superb song, Sentimental Christmastime. And I have to mention Honour Before Glory & Sam Airey's, Wonderful Christmastime, which sounds like it got stuck in a festive space invaders... ace!

'This Christmas' has more seasonal offers than the Christmas aisle in your local supermarket and lands like a glitter ball of festive fun. Why can't all Christmas albums be like this! Well probably because we have more musical talent per square foot than your average city!! The only thing that could please me more is to find an industrial metal version of 'do they know it's Christmas' or a math rock version of 'Don't Let The Bells End'.

This will be the soundtrack to my Christmas Dinner, supplying pure Christmas indulgence and all for a good cause! So, go buy it and feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you are supporting a local homeless charity, Simon on the Streets. More festive cheer than you can shake a candy stick at...Go Do it!!




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